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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Time: 5:55 am
Mood: Tired, but excited for no reason at all
Goal: uhhh

Goodmorning guys!!!
Well I had a normal day. We're just studying for TCAP right now, since it's next week. I am so happy that this will be my last year taking TCAP >_<

I'll be in Florida this weekend for a cheerleading competition. Now I say this EVERYTIME I get a new myo and tell people i'm a cheerleading. I'm a competitive cheerleader like off of Bring It On and NO, I'm not a prep.

This is random but at 2 competitions ago in Paducah, Kentucky, my dad finally bought me swords! They are on a stand and there are three of them.

{My Swords}

Yep. I'm always going around saying "I'll cut you" to my friends and now I can actually do it lol

My dad is moving to Hawaii, because of military purposes and I might have to go with him because my mom is deploying. I don't want to thought, because I only have one more year with my friends then we are all getting split up for the new school. But next summer my dad is taking me to Japan!!!! x3 yyayy lol

I'm gonna go finish getting ready now. Once again I'll comment you guys when I get home.

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