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Saturday, September 9, 2006

Shigatsu:While you were off being busy, I'd like you to know what happened to me! I was at Barns & Nobles just trying to read some Vos comics and some idiots took a picture of my rear with their phone camera! Then they ran away when I turned around! And they followed me all over the store! I was so angry!!!!!
sephiroth:What ever.......

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Out again......
Shigatsu:I have to go to a pastors retreat monday.... Bleh, I don't want to go.
Any way, Yeah. SO I'll be gone until Thursday.....
Sephiroth:I sittin' back and chillin'.
Shigatsu:I hate you. THe sad thing is I'll prolly have a good time when I get there, but it's the gettin' there that's tearin' me up.

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Sunday, August 6, 2006

A role Play moment by Shigatsu and friends (again)
Afradal felt as if she would faint when she walked in to the main ball room. Everything was perfect, the marbled floors, the tall pillars, statues and painting along with a large booth for orchestra droids.
"It's beautiful!" She said spinning around in the middle of the floor
Prolan stood in the doors, "You are." He said under his breath, he suddenly turned pink.
Zaldra entered the room and looked around. "Nice." He said, putting his hands in his pockets. "Very nice."

Hemmingway pulled up to the front of the mansion, getting out and then opening the door for his wife. "Well, that was a long drive." He said as a valet took his keys. "Not a scratch." Clyde warned the man in red.
Veren walked in wearing a formal purple Falleen gown. He stepped right in front of his son where only he could hear his voice, "Self control tonight son." He said reminding him, "We are Falleens, be mindful of that people will be watching and studying our culture." He said.
"Yes, father." Prolan replied with a nod.
"If you don't," Veren started, "Have no worries father." Prolan interrupted.
Veren gave a nod and went to tend to the more important duties of the party.

Prolan strode over to Afradal, and offered his arm for escorting. "Shall we visit your guests?" He asked motioning to the door where the crouds will be flooding in within an hour or so.
"Yes of-course." Afradal said with a smile.

Leigh took her husbands arms as he led her up the large stair case, bellow them water danced in a lake that flowed around the mansion and far beyond it into the gardens.
"I wonder how this place escaped the vong forming?" Leigh asked looking around at the splendor.

Blade stepped out of his speeder, and walked around to the other side to help out Meth.
After handing the key card to the valet he escorted his wife up the long stair way. His eye caught Leigh and Clyde, but he ignored them, hoping they would do the same for them.

"Their the Black Sun, they can do anything." Clyde said sarcastically, smirking. As the couple approached the main door, the doorman, a tall muscular Falleen, stopped them.
"Ten thousand a piece." The man said, his voice gravely.
"Yeah I know." Clyde said, taking out the twenty thousand and handing it over. "Are you happy now?" He asked the seemingly emotionless Falleen, getting no responce.
"Now you need to have a weapons check. There aren't any allowed in here." Clyde raised an eyebrow at the man. Of course he was armed, he was wearing his shoulder holsters and he knew his wife had something somewhere. However impossible that may be. He thought, looking over her dress that clung to her.
"Aright, pal. Let me tell you something. It is in our line of duty to be armed. You see, this gorgeous young woman is Leigh Fett, and I am Clyde Hemmingway." As soon as the words left his lips, the guard stepped aside.
"Please come in, Sir and Madam."
"Thank you." Clyde smirked and led his wife into large mansion.

Zaldra followed the pair of Falleens to the door, wanting to be there in case there was any trouble.

Leigh chuckled as she gripped her husbands arm tighter.
"I hate it when you do that." She said with a smirk. "Though it would have been embarrassing to have to fish that dagger out of my garter."
"Maybe I'll help you 'fish it out' later on." Clyde whispered with a deep chuckle before remembering the rules. Upon remembering them, his face turned to one of fake anguish and he let out a groan. "Nevermind." Hemmingway said, as if hurt by her rules. However, he could not stop the smirk that formed on his lips.
"You're going to lose some thing very precious to you if you don't shut up." Leigh whispered
as they made their way to the main ball room.
Clyde just laughed as he shook the hand of a Senator he had worked for in the past. "Who do you think the new Ring Leader is?" He asked his wife as he scanned the room and the many people inside it.
"A falleen for sure." Leigh said scanning the crowd for any Falleen's at all.
A tall male in purple robes caught her eye.
"That one maybe." She informed nodding her head in his direction. "He's probably using the Xizor kid."
"Ah, the Hemmingways." Prolan said bowing his head, "I have followed your...buisness for sometime now." He smiled, "Caught my attention from the work on Neimondia a few years back."

Veren started talking to Zaldra some meters away, "The boring part is speaking with senators, but if you get one of these bounty hunters start telling tales is when it gets exiting." Veren gave a chuckle.
Leigh smiled.
"Your majesty." The woman have a bow of her head. "You say you've followed our work have you? I can't say it was ever interesting. Not like your politcal games on Falleen. Do you still rule in your mothers sted?"

Afrdal found her self surrounded by young men, all of them asking her about her self, and if she was seeing any one or if she were free later that evening. If she'd been using any sort of pheromone she might have not been in such a rush to answer them.
"No, I'm single! Later tonight? I'm not sure!" Were her standard answers.
And to make matters worse as the orchestra droids filed in and started to play the first waltz there was a short uproar on who was to have the first dance. A short time later a Human male wrapped his arm around her waist and cleverly rushed her to the floor for a first dance.
rolan noticed his date was being stolen, "Ma'am, Sir," He said nodding to both of them, "If you may exuse me, I would like to carry on the conversation later." He smiled.
Shedn'ta tapped the human on the shoulder, "May I cut in?" He asked with a smile on his face, not really asking as much commanding.
"Certainly sir." the man said sarcastically. "When I'm done with this dance."
Afradal sighed as she let out a breath full of pheromones which the man inhaled unknowingly.
"Could you please let me go sir?" She asked wistfully.
"Certainly!" The man replied with a stupefied smile.
Afradal then made her way back to the prince.
"You wanted to dance?"
If they had been anywhere else, Zaldra would have swatted the pesky suitors like flies. But no, he didn't want to make trouble at the ball. Instead, the tall Falleen walked over to the corner of the room, leaning against the wall in the shadows, watching.

Clyde snickered as the Prince went off. "I love it when I get noticed. It oh so greatly strokes my ego." He said, wrapping his arms around his wife as the music started. "May I have this dance, Madam?" His silky voice was accompanied by his seductive smirk, drawing the attention of females around him, but he had eyes only for her.
"Oh Certainly sir." Leigh said pretending to be swept off her feet.

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

   And more RP by Shigatsu and Friends
"You're lucky to have them." Vos said quietly, focussing on his own kin now that they were speaking on the subject. Not so much his father, more about his grandfather. Jedi Master Quinlan Vos. Kodan himself had never met him, but he had heard stories. His favorite of them all was how he had stood alone on Kashyyk during Order 66, coming out of the whole situation unscathed. The memory of his father telling him the story brought a smile to Kodan's face
"You look a lot like him, you know." Xerina was picking up on her friends memories. "Tall, strong... Handsome."
The Vong girl stifled a giggle.
Kodan opened one eye to peer at the girl. "Really?" He questioned, a smirk forming on his lips. "And you look like Leigh. Elegant, strong, and beautiful." Vos closed his eye again and laughed softly.
"I'm glad I look like her rather than my biological DNA donor." Xerina smiled.
Perhaps emotions weren't so bad.
Kodan couldn't help but laugh at how serious she sounded while saying 'DNA donor'. It wasn't something you said every day. "Penny for your thoughts." Vos said after a few moments of silence.
Xerina stood up and and sat down again beside Kodan.
Kodan smiled at the new addition to his seat, thinking nothing of it, he kept his eyes closed and concentrated once more on the force.
Xerina opened her self up to the to the force and felt Kodan's heart beat and pulse.
"This feels nice." She said with a smile.
Suddenly she didn't know what happened but Xerina found herself embracing Kodan listening to his heart beat through his chest.
The force flowing through the both of them.
Kodan's eyes snapped open as he looked down at the young woman. "X?" His shock slowly turned to comfort, a small smile forming on his lips as he gently put his arms around her. "Yes, it does feel nice." He said, speaking of their embrace and connection, not of his heartbeat.
Xerina looked up at him and smiled.
"I Like this." She said.
The force seemed to flow under them and over them like water as she smiled.
She'd not felt this way since before Dori-Mu died.
Xerina ran her finders through a few loose dread locks laying on Kodan's shoulder.
A short time later she found her self and locked in a passionate kiss.
Kodan was shocked at first by her move, but he recovered quickly and returned the kiss, cupping her cheek in his right hand and placing his left on her lower back, pulling her closer. The young Master could hardly believe it. Lately, he had been developing feelings for the young woman, but he thought that he would never act on them. He dismissed all of his thoughts and just focused on her and the kiss that they were sharing.
Xerina smiled as she let go of him.
"I'm sorry." She said with a gentle laugh. "The force flowing... your sent.... I couldn't help myself."
"I'm glad you couldn't help yourself. I've wanted to do that for a little while." Kodan confessed with a small smile and a laugh. He had no idea what Xerina would say to that. Maybe she just wanted a kiss for comfort, and not something more?
Xerina laughed.
"I'm glad you like you wanted to." She smiled. "Your a good kisser."
Kodan smirked at the comment. "You're not so bad yourself, but I think we might need more practice." Vos nodded, emphasizing his hidden meaning.
She caught his double meaning through the force and began to kiss him again.
After a few moments of happiness, Kodan broke away from Xerina and took her hands in his. "You know that I have no intention of wanting this to end, but I have to know something. What does this mean for us?" Vos looked the girl in the eyes, searching for an answer.
Xerina couldn't answer at first. Her heart was still attached to Dori-Mu in so many ways, he'd been her first love, her only lover, how could she so easily re-place him. But the way they felt laying beside each other the force coursing from one person to the other felt right.
"I can't explain what happened." She said shaking her head. "It's like loving some one, with out even knowing who they are....... Like loving the thought of you."
"I understand." Vos said, turning away from the younger Jedi. Kodan's heart dropped. Deep down he knew that it was too good to be true, and now it was real. She didn't love him, she still loved Dori-Mu, he was just there as a temporary replacement.
"I understand how you feel." Xerina said softly.
She'd not meant to intrude into this thoughts but they were so close that they both could hear the others thoughts as clear as if one had said them aloud.
"But your not, your love does make me feel better, but will it last..... even If you don't always want it to?
"Xerina.." Kodan started quietly. "Ever since Dori-Mu died, you became my best friend. You're the only one that knows me for me, not the Jedi Master that everyone else thinks they know. There is no way that my love for you could ever fade." Vos sighed and turned back to her, "But can you make the same claim?"
"I want to!" Xerina said desperately. "I don't want to hurt any more, and you make me feel whole again!"
Not needing to speak his responce, Vos leaned forwards and took Xerina in a deep passionate kiss. Now he knew the truth. She loved him, and she wanted to stay with him. Today was one of his better days.
Xerina felt her self melting into her arms. With Kodan there was a heated romance that was unafraid of what others might think or say, one that wasn't concerned with attachment or a code... or who she was.

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More Role Play thanks to Shigatsu and friends:
Kodan carried Xerina into the cafateria. "I don't believe you." He said as he set her down at one of the tables. "Reen, get food." Kodan sat across from her. "So, you really need to get more sleep."
"I can't." She informed. "I wake up after only two hours, I've never been able to sleep longer, not since I was a little girl."
Reen got two trays and began to fill them with all sorts of foods that were specialized for each species. When he finally came to the meats he came back with the greens, bread, and sweets and sat them down.
"How do you want your Bantha cooked?" Asked Reen.
"Raw!" Xerina snapped her eyes flashing with an unknown spark.
"You heard me! Now please, Get Kodan's order."
The sudden out burst took Reen aback.
"Kodan?" He offered the cooking setting for him.
"Erm... Medium Rare, kid. Take your time. Your sister and I need to talk." Kodan watched as the boy hurried off. "What was that?" He asked in a whisper, barely containing his laughter.
Xerina gave a shudder.
"I don't know......" She said her voice remaining monotone.
She felt her head get heavy.
"You should go help Reen." She informed.
Kodan rolled his eyes. "Your probably right." Getting up with a sigh, Kodan went to help the young Hemmingway. "You burned it!"
"I didn't cook it!" Reen said with shock. "The droid did!"
He pointed to the droid cooking.
"To Satisfaction sir?" the metallic male voice said.

Xerina felt her head grow heavier and heavier. The room around her looking more and more organic than it's normal steel color. She looked down at her hands and her finger nails were long and black with blood staining. Her hands also bore the markings she wore as a child.
"This is real....?" She whispered.
The people around her began to look like she herself looked, her voilet skin armored with her armor scales.
"It is." She smirked.
"No, not satisfactory." Kodan said at the ofeending droid. "Medium rare for me, and raw for the sleepy one back there. Understood?" With a sigh, he put his hand to his forhead. "Droids are so stupid."
"They usally cook well enough." Reen informed.

Xerina felt her face, it was whole and flawless.
"Why haven't I sacrificed?" She asked looking down at her claws.
It must have been some one else's blood on her hands.
Reaching up Xerina dug her claws into her face letting the warm black blood roll down her cheeks and chin and neck. She repeated this painful process over and over again until her face was almost in ribbons, muscle and bone exposed.
Kodan shook his head and looked over his shoulder. He had to make a double take to make sure it was real. "Xerina!" He shouted, running to her and shaking her shoulders. "Xerina wake up!" She would kill herself if she lost too much blood. "Reen! Do something!"
Reen looked shocked.
"She's never done this at home!" The boy shouted.
Xerina awoke after a moment of shaking.
"Dori-mu?" She said weakly.
Her wounds weren't healing this time.
"Dori-mu.... I can't do it..... You'll have to heal me....." She imitated one of the movements Dori-Mu had used on patients many times, pressing his thumb to a wound and tracing it pushing the force through is hands to heal the patient.
She did this several times on Kodan's face before she felt her self slowly slip in and out of consensus.
Kodan placed his hand atop Xerina's head. He had the ability to heal, it was his nature, not the force. Closing his eyes and whispering a few words in his native tongue, the wounds began to dissapear. "Thankyou grandfather." He whispered in basic. He had always known that his grandfather's spirit had something to do with his power. It had never come in handy untill know, where it was very handy. "Xerina?"
Xerina felt her face return to it's tight youthful state.
"Kodan....." She whispered sobbing into his shirt. "It's back!"
Reen looked at the Jedi knight before him.
"What's back?"

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

   A role Play moment by Shigatsu and friends
The S.S. Hemmingway slowly touched down on a landing pad near the Senatorial building on Courascant. "Hemmingway to Fett. You almost here, babe?" Clyde said through his com link, a smirk donning his lips. "That heap of her's is so slow." Hemmingway muttered to himself as he waited for the Eagle's Wing to land.
"Get off the frequency if your going to insult my ship, my armor, my clan or my kids. Got it?" She said as the silver ship touched down.

Leigh strode off of the landing ramp with a feminine sway that she rarely used when walking. Her armor made it near impossible to walk like she was now, and when hunting it would be hard to take your murderer seriously if she was as delicate as a flower.
"You ready?" She smirked to Hemmingway.
Clyde barely heard her comment in the subconcious of his mind as he sat transfixed in the open cockpit of the S.S. Hemmingway, focused on the sway of her hips. "Umm.. Yeah. I'm ready if you are." The hunter said, jumping down from his cockpit, his seductive smirk that he saved only for her upon his face.
"Good, I'm glad to see murder turns you on." She chuckled noticing his face.
Leigh replaced her com to her hip pouch as she handed Clyde a holomap of the city.
There is a senate meeting going on today, we should probably start our look there first."
"It wasn't murder." Clyde said as he slung his rifle over his back and took the map. "Are you implying that I don't know this sector of this planet? I grew up here, babe." He said, grinning as he handed back the map. "Let's just sneak into the Senatorial building, and I can take him out from long range with the rifle. That work for you?"
"You blew it last time." She said.
Leight also took the rifle from him.
"If you monitored the news you'd know that Chief of State Shekk was killed to day, Blade is now the chief of state and their not letting any weapons in the senatorial building."
"So this'll be a stealth kill?" Clyde asked quietly, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. "I haven't done that in a while." The hunter thought back to the last time. A stealth mission hadn't presented itself for a long time, and he always loved them.
"You sure you can do stealth?" Leigh laughed a bit.
Clyde looked at his feonce with a look of shock. "Is that a serious question?" He asked seriously. "Of course I can, crazy person."
"Your to bulky." Leigh said pressing down hard on one of Clyde's bulging muscle's.
With a chuckle she walked on ahead.
"Are you caliming that you do not like muscle?" Clyde said with a smirk of his own as he followed her, eyes roaming. "You didn't seem to mind on Kashyyk."
"I like the muscle's. Gravity just makes it harder for you to move with them on this sort of hunt." Leigh turned around to him with a smirk. "Got it?"
Clyde purposely let his eyes slowly climb up her form from where he was looking to her eyes. The hunter smirked back. "Alright, I suppose you'll be doing it then. Shall I make a distraction for you?"
"If you think I need one." She said with a wink. "Your distraction enough in yourself."
Clyde's smirk was coupled by a deep chuckle. "So maybe I should stay away from you this time. You may get.. distracted." He said as he took two steps and came within a few inches of her.
"I might get so enamored with you I'd get caught." She gave him a fake pout.
"We can't have that." Clyde whispered, his smirk still showing. The man rought his hand up and lightly brushed her cheek. Clyde leaned in to give her a kiss, but stopped just before his lips touched her's. "Let's go." Clyde said as he stepped around her and headed for the senate building.
Leigh felt a twinge of disappointment that he wouldn't kiss her. But she brushed it off and rechecked her weapons, she had to leave them in the Speeder any way.
Clyde led her to a speeder rental station and rented a bike. "Are you ready for this?" He asked as he stuffed his weapons and some explosives into one of the saddle bags. Hemmingway swung his leg over the bike and positioned himself in the pilot seat. "If so, let's get going."
Leigh swung her own legs over the bike and straddled the leather seat.
"I'm ready." She said wrapping her arms around his waist.
Clyde squinted up at the sun and pulled a pair of sunglasses. The hunter cooly put them on and took the handles of the bike. "Been a while since we shared a bike, hasn't it?" Clyde smirked and revved the engine, taking off at an alarming speed.

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

   We're away...... AWAY!!!!
Shigatsu:Sephios and I are at a conference right now.....
Shigatsu:No, it's not marriage consoling but, maybe we should take that up.
Shigatsu:But you're inhuman, let alone not human at all.
Sephiroth:True.... But I can't stand those stinkn' self-help guys and those nice-people.
Shigatsu:Socializing is such a pain......
Sephiroth:I WILL KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!
Shigatsu:So....... You wanna go home and get mother?
Sephiroth:I will go find mother you will stay and socialize.
Shigatsu:We're going home to night any ways....
Sephiroth:DARN YOU! I will not have my revenge!
Shigatsu:Revenge against what?
Sephiroth:......... Shut up.

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   A Survey by Shigatsu
1. Are you a virgin? yes

2. Painted your room? No but we've had some one else paint it.

3. Made out with a member of the same sex? NO NO no!!

4. Drove a car? Yes

5. Danced in front of your mirror? When I was 12.....

6. Have a crush? To many to count

7. Been dumped? no

8. Stole money from a friend? No

9. Gotten in a car with people you just met? Yes, but my parents knew them for a long time.

10. Been in a fist fight? With my sister...

11. Snuck out of YOUR house? no

12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? Do movies stars count?
13. Been arrested? no

14. Made out with a stranger? NO!

15. Met up with a member of the opposite sex somewhere? When I went to prom we met him in a parking lot.

16. Left your house with out telling your parents? no.....

17. Had a crush on your neighbor? Yeah... But I'd never seen his face fully.

18. Ditched school to do something more fun? mp

19. Slept in a bed with a member of the same sex? My sisters. But like that's my sisters, dude, I'M NOT GAY

20. Seen someone die? No.... Thankfully.

21. Been on a plane? Yes. Lots I love them!

22. Kissed a picture? *blush* Yeah.....

23. Slept in until 3PM? I did that all last summer man.

24. Love someone or miss someone right now? Yeah, I miss lots of people.

25. Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by? yes

26. Made a snow angel? More like a dirt angel where I live.

27. Played dress up? Yes

28. Cheated while playing a game? Only with my sisters

29. Been lonely? yes

30. Fallen asleep at work/school? Yes, but my mother had given me this pain killer which wasn't supposed to make you sleepy, but IT DID!!! Man It made me wacky!

31. Been to a club? No, Sadly, I love the music they play at those things.

32. Felt an earthquake? I slept through one......

33. Touched a snake? yes... IT WAS FREAKY!

34. Ran a red light? Not yet.... I hope I never do.

35. Been suspended from school? nope.

36. Had detention? no

37. Been in a car accident? almost, but no.

38. Hated the way you look(ed)? Um.. Yeah, in old pics, where my hair looks way bad.

39. Witnessed a crime? Not that I knew of.

40. Pole danced? no

41. Been lost? Yes.

42. Been to the opposite side of the country? All the time.

43. Felt like dying? no

44. Cried yourself to sleep? yes

46. Sang karaoke? Yes.

47. Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Not that I know of.
48. Laughed until something you were drinking came out your
nose? yes ^^

49. Caught a snowflake on your tongue? yes

50. Kissed in the rain? no

51. Sang in the shower? No... I hate it when people do that.

52. Made love in a park? Eww Gross. No.

53. Had a dream that you married someone? yes

54. Glued your hand to something? Yup

55. Got your tongue stuck to a flag pole? no

56. Ever gone to school partially naked? no

57. Been a cheerleader? ..... Yeah

58. Sat on a roof top? no, but I want to.

59. Didn't take a shower for a week? err, yeah.... done that.

60. Ever too scared to watch scary movies alone? Yeah.

61. Played chicken in the pool? Yes

62. Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? no

63. Been told you're hot by a complete stranger? yes

64. Broken a bone? no

65. Been easily amused? uyes

66. Laugh so hard you cry? yes

67. Mooned/flashed someone? no

68. Cheated on a test? no

69. Forgotten someone's name? yes

70. Slept naked? no

71. Gone skinny dipping? no

73. Blacked out from drinking? no, I don't drink

74. Played a prank on someone? yes

75. Gone to a late night movie? yes

76. Made out with anything not human? no.... eww...

77. where is number 77? what's this, it's this question

78. Choked on something you're not supposed to eat? no

79. Played an instrument for more than 10 accumulated hours? no

80. Cheated on a girl/boyfriend? no

81. Did you celebrate the 4th of July? yes

82. Thrown strange objects? No, but one time we dared Nevi to throw a mushroom just past a car.

83. Felt like killing someone? Not literally.

84. Felt like running away? yes

85. Ran away? no

86. Did drugs? no, and I don't plan to

87. Did more then 3 types of drugs? no

88. Had detention and not attend it? never had it

89. Made a parent cry? yes

90. Cried over someone? yes

91. Owned more than 5 sharpies? yes

92. Dated someone more than once? no

93. Had/Have a dog? yeah

95. Own an instrument? yes

Where did that question go? what???!

97. Drank 25 sodas in a day? no

98. Broken a CD? yes

99. Shot a gun? yes

100. Liked one of your best/good friends? no

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Monday, June 12, 2006

   # 126
Sephiroth: Good for you. But look now, Nevi is #88.
Shigatsu:I'm # 126! ME! OUT OF OVER 44'000!!!!!

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Friday, June 2, 2006

Star wars species....
Shigatsu:Here is a list of all the star wars speicies.
Sephiroth:This will take a long time.

Blood Carver
Chadra Fan
Ishi Tib
Mon Calamari
Pho Ph'Eahian
Tusken Raider
Yuuzhan Vong

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