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Thursday, June 9, 2005

Alright, has anyone seen Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It is funny and cute and sad all at the same time. My mom and I went to see it. But first her cell phone rang in the beginning of the movie. And then there were some really sad parts that made us cry. The bad part is that whenever mom and I would look at each other we'd start laughing. Why I don't know. But there we were, the loudest people in the whole theater that were not just crying, but blubbering and laughing at the same time. And not to mention it was during the really sad, dramatic parts. All and all it was a good movie.

Anyway, the Sanzo challenge. Someone submitted a piece but it didn't follow the guidlines. Remember people, the plot of the challenge so to speak is a pic of him being executed. I thank the people that paid attention to this, but to all that are unclear about the rules: he can already be dead, but it has to be clear he was executed, it can be as bloody and grusome as you like and any form of execution works, it cannot be NC-17 and by that I mean nudity/openly sexual, yeah, he can have his shirt off or something, but no...distinguishing chracteristics. And it must be in by June 30. The catagories are:

Most dramatic:



Most creative:

Any questions feel free to contact.


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