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Saturday, August 12, 2006


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1. No flamming, stealing, and dishonesty
2. Treat others like you would like to be treated
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Latest News~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Time written[] 11:58PM
Mood[] pissed off
Listening to[] Nothing because my cousin wont give me my ipod back!!!

I'm hella pissed off first off all I can't send any of the stuff that I got for them to my friends that live out of state. This is bullshit!!! AUGH! Man this is like the worse day ever. I bought them some really nice things too. Augh! It's even worse cause my cousin took my ipod and my wallet and I'm freaken pissed off even more! Augh!!!! F*CK! I feel like cussing out anyone who gets near me damnit! I'm not too happy about either things and tomorrow is my last day in canada. I don't even feel like doing anything. I don't even feel like talking to them either cause they knew I was getting them something and then when I do they changed their minds and that's like wasting time on something meaningless. When I plan to do something for ppl I usually go all the way and if it doesn't work it makes you feel like a failure. F*CK!!! I would never do something for ppl unless they're close friends to me.

Edit[] Awww shit...I just realize how much stress i'm going to be going under. When I get back from canada I have to help throw my Halo party. Hang out with all my friends. Hand out the stuff I got for them. School Registration and crap. More school stuff like clothes and shoes and supplies. F*CK!!! Not only that I have no idea what my schedule is for this year cause I have 6 classes and 2 at each school. Yea that's right I'm going to 3 different schools.

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