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Saturday, August 5, 2006


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1. No flamming, stealing, and dishonesty
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Hello!!! Sorry I was gone for like two weeks without updating. I've been busy and I didn't feel like updating. So yea and not only that if you were here before my site went all black. Lmao Well new layout! It's FFX, one of my favorite games ever. So how is everyone?

Summer school is over!!! Hurrah!!!! I'm celebrating right now. All week I've been doing something and I was so exhausted by thursday! Right now I'm in canada taking a vacation. I just saw some of my old friends and I'm like holy shit! Cause they were so young but now they're like freaken hot sexy azns!!! Lmao Just like me of course. Oh well I'll see them again knowing how this week is going to go. Well peace pplz!!!

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