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Friday, July 21, 2006


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Time written[] 10:27 PM
Moodp[] Exhausted
Listening to[] "Roses Are Red" by Aqua

Hey everyone! Guess what I just got back from my friends birthday party and it was so much fun. First we went to downtown and ate Yen Cheng. We order so much food, but we were able to chow down all of it. Lmao We had such a long conversation before we started eating it was hilarious. We were catching up because it's been the first time in ages since all of us have been together. After that we walked down to Magie Moo's and got us some ice cream. I had Vanilla and Cotton Candy. It was delicous and we met one of my friends brother there too. We were like omg what are you guys doing here. Plus one of the guys I saw played against Kifong a few months ago in tennis and beated Kifong. I was laughing at Kifong for that. After that we just wondered and had fun with elevators and taking pictures and everything. It was just the best. I needed to get out and do something. Anyways another day of my life has gone by and it was the best. Well g'night everyone!

Edit[] Yen Cheng is a chinese restruant. Lmao

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