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Monday, July 17, 2006


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1. No flamming, stealing, and dishonesty
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Time written[] 1:02PM
Mood[] Adrenaline rush!!!!
Listening to[] "Dum Di Da Di Da(Megamix)" by Aqua

Hey everyone what's up? Guess what I actually did something over the weekend. Saturday I called up some friends and they wanted me to come to the mall with them. We went wandering all over the place and to some really weird stores too. We ended up at hot topic which may I say I'm not shopper there. Plus we went to the body shop. *Don't ask* My friend wanted to go there for some reason. We also caught up on a lot of stuff too. After that we went to best buy and I'm like crap I forgot to buy a headset cause some friends of mine want to talk instead of type and I'm like you lazy PPL!!! I type over 180 words per minute. People say that's fast, but that's like medicore for an azn. Lmao

You know I'm really tired of my Magna Carta layout so I'm going to make a new one soon. I just recently did one for a friend of mine and in my opinion it looks a lot better than mine. I'm like curses!!! She loved the layout when she saw it. heh like I knew she would. Well that's about it.


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