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Friday, July 14, 2006


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1. No flamming, stealing, and dishonesty
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Time written[] 11:56AM
Mood[] Ummm...yea no description for the mood I'm in. Lmao
Listening to[] "Zips" by T.M. Revolution

Yo! Everyone it's been a while. I would've updated earlier but for some reason myo banned me for a while so yea now I'm here. So how are all of you?

Well for my week well lets just say Monday, A friend of mine and I rode my bike and scooter 6 miles to get to the movie theaters. Lmao He whinned all the way. We went to watch the new Pirates of the Carribean. It was awesome! Well for the rest of my week not so good, but unfortunetly I'm pretty sure it's going to go down under next week. Ehehehe I'll give an explanation later on. Well there's a warp tour where I live, but I didn't get any tickets in time so I can't go which sucks. Oh well... Other than that, that's just about it! Later Peeps!

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