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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

   I haven't been here for two years....
What have I been up to? (No one cares that much I'm sure) I've started on a new manga, and I may put the character designs up eventuslly. To give a quick peek to anyone who wants it, here are some quick profiles for "Boku wa no Justice" a crime drama with some quirky humor:

Takashi Hyoto: Senior cop who's been on the force for 20 years. He's been working with Bakora for most of his career and the two have solved some of the most cryptic cases. He's serious and short-tempered and quite ready to retire. His new naive partner Ayoki doesn't help matters much.

Bakora Parcival: An otaku who loves RPG games, he works with Takashi on most cases. He's comic relief and seems to have a connection to the mysterious killer "the Wasp" as he recieves strange notes from the criminal. Bakora and Ayoki tend to bounce jokes off of each other.

Ayoki Mitsuzu: A scatterbrained newbie on the force. She loves videogames and cats. Ayoki is Takashi's newest partner (...victim...) and she wants to help in any way possible. After a near death experience she begins to mellow out and focus on her career.

The Wasp: Mysterious serial killer who leaves cryptic clues at his crime scenes. Not much is known about him except that the deaths by his hand are at 46.

Stay tuned for some concept art!!


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