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Monday, October 8, 2007

   I'm still alive and well...
Greetings! Time has flown by so fast.

Work has kept my family busy. Just this last weekend we did two weddings, and only one more to go. After that, mom and dad work on album designs for the new couples.

There is nothing quite like witnessing the union of two people. More often than not, there is always one person who tears up at the end of the ceremony and the toasting (most often the dad of the bride).

Church is going well. We are now in a new building and enjoying it. Plus, the tenth year anniversary was last friday. 10 years, amazing.

Now I am actively searching for another part time job...besides cleaning the house in a frenzy because there isn't much else to do.

And weatherwise, I am loving the cooler weather. It's nice enough to wear a light sweater, yet not too cold to lay on the grass and admire the clouds (have you ever just stared at them? they are amazing).

Hopefully, I will discipline myself to visit people. I've gotten so lazy here it's shameful.


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