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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Hello, anyone still here?
So sorry about the big delay in any MyO activity...my laptop is in for repairs. At first it was merely slow, but then it just stopped working. So, it's fine now, with my important data safe and secure.

If you are curious, I am borrowing my mom's laptop, at 2:50 in the morning (insomnia, what's new?)

Currently am in the last throes of the college semesters. There are deadlines galore, and much printing of photos ahead, and then matting them as to to make them nice and presentable. Anything in the form of comics has been absent in my life for the last two months.

Also, my nephew is getting to be so big! He is probably about 15 pounds now, and somewhat heavy to carry around, which he likes. He is proving to be a very curious boy, too, with an affinity for staring at light and varous light sources.

The last big thing I want to share with you all is a piece of exciting news...I have found a home church! With that come life-changing decisions too, which I will update you on. However, that will be for later, when I am not updating at 3:00 AM.

Consider this my last post for the next two to three months, unfortunately. With the coming of May comes the start of wedding season, and that will keep us quite busy the whole of June and July especially.

So, ciao, my friends. Catch you later.

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