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Welcome all anime fans! You can tell i like Shaman King=^.^=. I think Shaman King is awesome! But i have more favorite anime too like Pokemon, Beyblade, .Dot//Hack, Bleach, Inuyasha, Digimon, FLCL, Zatch Bell, Rockman EXE, Naruto, The Legend of Zelda, Shinzo, Wolf's Rain and lots more yup^^'' So I can't name them all@.@ Well, hope you like my site.

(batteries sold seperately..)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

   Awesome Sites
www.youtube.com(watch videos and stuff)

www.narutocentral.com(download naruto ep. ahead of the US series and more)

www.iloveegg.com(this site is for people who love eggs just because they exist. it's in korean, but the translate thingy is at the top left hand corner)

www.runescape.com(travel in the virtual world of runescape and talk to people around the world, battle monsters, gain levels, and more!)

www.tektek.org/dream(create your own anime-like avatar^^)

www.adventurequest.com(go on your own adventure and battle monsters, get experience points, and more.)

gaiaonline.com(create your own avatar, make friends, buy stuff, play games, and more!)

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