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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

   Me back again....!!
(looks at the time....)>_0......WHOA! its been a while eh? haha, sorta lost track of this old site. oops!guess i was to lazy to pick up a mouse and grab a chair to post on here. well, im back now, thats all that matters. oh, and happy b-day for anyones whose birthday was th past few months while i was out. oh yeah, thats right, how was everyones summer? mines went pretty cool. i got to go to new york again. fun stuff fun stuff. i went to china town and brought me some manga and.....a SWORD!XD i was choppin trees the other day, let me tell you, those samurai make it look like cake. i was a little in over me head, haha. well, its about time for me to go now. ill be sure to visit all you old peeps sites later. So LoNg!!! ^_0
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nice theme eh? a temp, so bear with me!!

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

   Rundown --Naruto Style!
Naruto is the number one loudest ninja of the Leaf Village. He is loud, crazy, clumsy, kind of stupid and he wants of becoming hokage. Although Naruto definitely isnít the smartest or most talented ninja of the Leaf Village, he does have one hell of a lot of chakra!! By the way chakra means Energy.

a few years before Naruto graduated from the academy a powerful demon called Kyubi (Or the Nine-Tails Demon Fox!!^^) terrorized the Leaf Village. The Fourth Hokage barely managed to seal the Nine-Tails Demon Fox within a boy, Naruto. But right after he did this, he died.

The Fourth wanted Naruto to be seen as a hero, a boy who saved the village from Nine-Tails. But unfortunately that wasnít meant to be. Many of the older villagers saw Naruto as the Nine-Tails himself, and hated and ignored him for it. (If you ask me these people are racist!!)

In combat Naruto isnít exactly what you would call a genius like shikamaru or sasuke. He is more the type who would charge in head on to his opponent, although from time to time Naruto does have his moments with some cool tactics he comes up with. But Naruto is not to be underestimated. He has a lot of chakra, especially when he learns to tap in to Kyubiís chakra. This huge amount of chakra makes him able to go berserk (like he did against Haku) and you wouldnt want that to hapen!

By the way. I put up a new song! Do you like it?


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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

   New theme-Naruto
Alright, so I gots my naruto theme up. How do you guys like it? Hehe, It really didnt take that long to make (thats a first). I think i'm starting to get a hang of it. I think its really cool Though because of the ORANGE EVERYWHERE!! I also added a new song to! ya like? haha! well Right now I'm in school. Luckly its lunch time....0_0 Im hungry! haha, I didnt have anything to eat so far today because I...uhhh...forgot about food! Haha, Man don;t see how that happened! Well,Me be leavin to go gets me a snicker bar! Arrr! Haha!

I'll give you a RUNDOWN of the guy next time!

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Monday, May 29, 2006

   Memorial day / Out with the old, in with the new!
Okay peepies! How are ya'll today. Im glad it's memorial day. Not just because of the fact that theres NO SCHOOL but the fact that we have the time to respect those great people and those who we care about the most. so if you could just ake a little time out of the day to have a little moment of silence for those who you think is most important to you.

Well guys its about time to change me theme! Yep yep, It's to bad...But it has to be done. NO!! UHH!!! I'm thinkin I should do a Naruto! After all the name of the show IS naruto! hehe, and he's a pretty cool character! Hehe, its pretty funny how I keep doin naruto themes. After the Naruto theme, i'm going to do somthing not related to naruto, you know just to livin up the place....ya see what im sayin? Well anyways I might have it up tommorrow...wait what am I sayin! I WILL have it up tommorrow! And plus we're getting a new pc and fax by mail! I hope it come this week, If it does I get to scan my pics and manga and show them to all that wanna see! Alright guys...ima talk to ya later! Bye shikamaru! Stay cool!

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

   Naruto Random Naruto Naruto Picture Day!
Well, since I'm bored out of hell's end and have to go real soon, I'll go ahead and make this a Naruto Random Naruto Naruto picture day!! Don't ask me how I came up with it..-_- It'll kill my brain if you do! And if you kill my brain.....I'll kill you! mwahahaha...0_0 whoa, were'd that came from? Anyways It's about time for me to go now so See ya when I see ya!

okay, there are two things wrong with this picture.
1)Never wear too much hair grease...It's bad for the economy!
2) It looks like he was set up by someone saying that it was an anime dress up party because hes the only one there with an out fit...

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

   Hooooo boy!
Hi...people! *looks at date since last post* 0_0 wow.....time really does fly! sorry for not visiting you peeps sites lately! Ahhhhh, AND I DIDNT EVEN POST FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!!! GAHH!! I'm sorry peeps! I was really caught up in downloading emulators and roms! hehe, that can get REALLY addictive! For all the peeps that wondered how my birthday went...IT WAS GREAT! I basically got all I wanted for my birthday...It wasnt much but the pice kinda was! To put it simply, heres what I got: Game, game, card, game! My little bro had gotten me a much needed sketch pad! Hehe, We also went out to eat at the olive garden. That place isn't really what it's cracked up to be. But in the end It was pretty cool! Yep! So, I'ma make it up to ya guys I swear! Gots ta go for now though. Bye!

Dont forget so sing me the Late birthday song, Like my bud shikamaru did! Haha!

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Monday, May 15, 2006

   My day, how bout yours
Wassup again folks. boy, what a weekend huh? sorry I wasnt able to get to you peeps sites. Y'know That hectic schedule that i was tellin you guys about? Well I finished it. And After all that was done i decided to just chill. Which is why this day is a so-so chillin kinda day! hehe, Its funny because yesterday my little bro. came in my room and wanted me to play viewtiful joe: Red Hot Rumble with him. I said, "Not right know! Its my so-so chillin kida day!" I was in bed till 12:45 in the afternoon! Boy, can I SLEEP! hehe, i tell ya I must be one lazy bum if I can sleep that long, But its still cool huh?^^ The weekend went by pretty fast huh? Talk to you guys later, and hopefully I'll have a little more exciting post that wont put you guys to sleep eh? Haha, you guys are great!

And the shadow bind Works again folks! Wish i could do it to someone...*cough*Little bro.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

   Busy Busy Busy!!
hi guys! How are things? Well, i gotta few minutes to take off so ill make it quick. Well, you know what day it is right? Friday. and the suns out, So ill think ill do a little sky watching today. I have a busy schedule So what! haha, Yeah I really do! Like Finish painting my room, Do the lawn, Go pick up my little bro. from school, GO to school, Do project, And all that other blah! -_- I have a heavy schedule-_-
*looks at date* hey! my b-day's in 9 more days! Haha cool! I kinda lost track!! HAHA WOW DOES TIME FLY!!! I wonder what i want??

This pics cool! Talk to ya guys later!

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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Hello again!
Hi guys. sorry i wasnt here yesterday. I had TONS of work to do. I didnt even go to sleep yet!-_- Yeah, i know, thats crazy. But thats what happens when you do things at the last minute. What can i say, im that type of guy.^///^
So anyways, whats been goin down with your lives, well mines is kinda cool. friday after noon is when i lay and watch the clouds go by. You really should try it. Its relaxing....and yet soothing....-_-Im not crazy! hehe, So I be talkin to you guys later! peice!

Hehe, they get along so well!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2006

   Shikamaru run down!
Well, here it is! The summary of shikamaru i promised you guys!

Though Shikamaru appears a young boy bored with life and his job as ninja, he holds a firm cool respect for his job and his duty to protect his friends and teammates. And though he is lazy and had low grades at the Ninja Academy, Shikamaru is highly intelligent with an I.Q. of over 200. A young age he became friends with Akimichi Chouji (Go chouji), and their friendship would extend later into life as teammates in Team 10 under ther Jounin sensei Sarutobi Asuma. Kinda like me Shikamaru would rather relax and look at the clouds, than expand any energy doing school work. His general desire is to make a good living and be able to retire, successful and happy with himself.

Shikamaru studied under his father Nara Shikaku and learned many of the kage (shadow) manipulation jutsu. This is that cool technique I was talking about in which he controls your movements. He looks just like his father too! As the years passed, Shikamaru has added many shadow attack variations to his arsenal. Shikamaru's mother wanted the best for her son and pestered him constantly, which led him to be Pestered of women and their supposed bossiness. His troubles with women would extend to many of the battles he faced, having to combat Tsuchi Kin, Temari and Tayuya. His testy relationship with Temari would extend later on though, with the two ninja becoming friends. Though Naruto would accuse the two of being something more than friends, both Shikamaru and Temari would deny such a relationship.

Alongside his team Shikamaru participated in the Chuunin Exam. After the third test preliminaries and the final third test itself, he was the only one to be noticed as worthy Chuunin material. From this point on he was able to don the Chuunin flak jacket with honor. I wish i could have on..-_- Though the mission to return Sasuke failed and Shikamaru felt horrible for the near deaths of his team, the words of Temari and his father helped him realize that if he stopped being a ninja, someone else would have to look out for his friends instead. This caused him to reevaluate his feelings and reaffirm his desire to become a better ninja.
Stay tuned naruto fans!! haha!

Eating the riceball looks troublesome.......But still....I want one!

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