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Friday, April 18, 2008

well i had a pretty shitty morning...u know those days that always feel like a normal one then change for the worst? that happened to me...

like always i was getting ready for school and i was alright! but when i went to go wake up my sister to go and eat, right under my one breast (sry to be specific) it started to hurt really bad and i thought that it as just one of those sudden pains that i get because i'm just messed up that way. but it started to hurt even more.

about a minute or two later i woke up on the floor and my sister was crying and asking me if i was alright and if something was wrong. she said i collapsed and i hit my head on the mircowave cart. i was really confused and i was shaking severly bad. m head hurt really bad and so did under breast.

i told my dad and he asked my sister what had happen. she said that i was complaining that i was hurting and he asked if i hit my head on anything. she wasn't sure if i did or not. she never went to go get anybody when i fell, she just sat there i guess in shock because of how fast it happened. but i can't remember what happened. my head still hurts as well as my (not even going to say it again i think we all get the point)

my mom asked me if i took anything yesterday that i shouldn't of and i said no, just my inhaler and my pill. i even read the labels before i take my stuff becuse we have so much medicine. i was kept home today and i woke up not to long ago, still hurting. ad once again my mom said that she wold be alright if i told that if i did smoke or take drugs yesterday because she knows i know some people that do take drugs. infact three of them live across the street and i hang with two of them. once again i told her no that i'm not interested in that kind of stuff and it's true. and we're positive it wasn't a heart attack because it wasn't even near my heart...i'm still shaking. this has never happened to me before...

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