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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Chapter nine

Chapter nine

When Rouge opened her eyes all she could feel was pain around her arms. The room was dark, but a small light was all she could see from the distance. She tried to stand, but a wave of pain went coursing through her body and she screamed as she struggled to set her arms free.

“No,” she wept as she once again tried to release herself. Her hands soon became covered in blood and she wept harder, “Shadow,” she wept, almost begging for him to release her, “Shadow?” her breathing quickened, “Mara?”

The room that was once filled with darkness was now filled with light and she closed her eyes tightly.

She heard the sound of various footsteps and she forced herself to open her eyes. There was w whole family of those hillbilly freaks! Her body froze, and her voice shook as she struggle to scream.

One of them was cutting up a familiar pink body into suitable pieces.

‘Amy?’ she wept in her head when the ax cut her head into several bits, “oh my god…” she started to struggle again.

Another mutant walked into the room dragging a body behind ‘her.’ It was Mara! An ax was through her skull and Rouge’s body shook.

Not to far from her was Shadow hinging from the ceiling by his arms. At least he was alive, ‘Shadow…’ she thought.

The mutant girl picked up the pale full of body parts and threw them in a blender like thing. But this blender wasn’t your kitchen blender. This thing was huge, and it would kill you in seconds. In other words, it was big enough to contain a human.

The mutated boy walked up to Rouge and stared at her as if he was interested in her, “you’re all a bunch of freaks!” she screamed.

Another mutated boy, this one much older, slammed his hands on the table and shoved some ‘food’ in her mouth.

She screamed and spit out the food that was made from Mara’s body, and she coughed, tears in her eyes, “please,” she begged as she couldn’t handle much more of this, “let me go! Why are you keeping me here like this?!” she struggled to release her arms once again as her blood dripped down her wrist, but still no luck

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Shadow warned the one when he was about to shove more food down her throat.

The mutated boy walked up to Shadow and punched him in his stomach. Shadow groaned, “you bastard,” he hissed and got stabbed in the stomach with their pocket knife.

Rouge wept harder and the boy sat back down, enjoying his dish of chopped up Mara.

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