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Monday, April 14, 2008

chapter eight
Chapter eight

The maniacal laugh started once again as three fingers walked towards the four survivors.

Mara looked at Asagi’s body with tears in her eyes, knowing that would be them soon enough. ‘No!’ she screamed in her mind, ‘I will not die! I will not become like her!’ “we have to go!”

Dale released Mara and he ran past three fingers, “come and get it you ugly fuck!” he shouted.

“No, Dale!” Mara shouted, but Rouge and Shadow ran.

“Mara!” Rouge said and grabbed her, ‘we have to go!” she forced Mara to run and she looked back. She knew Dale wouldn’t live, and that he was risking his life for them.

Shadow stopped and began to breath heavily, “there…” he panted and pointed, “an old building.”

Rouge nodded and she followed Shadow in.

“Do you think it’s safe?” Mara asked.

Shadow nodded and he walked in, “it’s an old building. They wont expect us to be here.”

Mara was silent as she walked in, ‘he’s dead,’ she thought while her body shook, ‘they’re all dead.’

Shadow kicked open a looked door and he walked in, Rouge followed behind him, “this’ll do,” Shadow said and sat down on the floor. Rouge did the same and rested her head on his shoulder.

“Rouge?” Shadow questioned and grabbed her hands, “for three years now we’ve been together. They were the best three years in my life. Even though the three years has been tough, they were the best, and the happiest,” Rouge smiled, “so, when we get out of this, would you merry me?”

Rouge gasped and he eyes widen, “Shadow…?” she said and threw her arms around him, “yes!”

Shadow connected his lips to hers and kissed her deeply whole his hands removed her shirt, and caressed her nipples. He kissed and nibbled her neck and she moaned.

He, soon, licked her nipples and he sucked on them. Meanwhile, his hand went down her thigh and up into her vagina. He rubbed everything inside of her and she moaned loudly.

“oh god yes!” she moaned, “yes!”

Shadow pulled his finger out and licked the wet from it, he smiled and stuck his tongue inside her wet womanhood. He pulled out his tongue and he looked up at her, “you ready?” he asked while panting, she nodded and Shadow pulled her body closer to his hard cock. Soon his manhood collided with her vagina. He thrust himself further in until he had completely entered, “I’m in.”

Rouge nodded and she wrapped her legs around his waist, “do it.”

Shadow released his cum into her body until it overflowed her vagina and streamed down her legs. She moaned and kissed his lips.

Shadow hugged her tightly, “we’ll be alright,” he said, “so get some rest.”

Rouge nodded and she laid on top of him while using her clothes to stay warm.

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