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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

chapter six
Chapter six

They walked what felt like days, but it was only a few hours before Mara and Asagi both became to tired to walk.

“Can we stop?” Asagi questioned, already sittting.

“Good idea,” Dale said.

They all sat down immediately and Rouge rested her head on Shadow’s shoulder, “it’s going to be dark soon,” Rouge announced quietly.

Dale stood, “I’ll gather some wood.”

Mara quickly stood, “I’ll help!”

Asagi drew her attention to her boyfriend and Mara. She was shocked to hear that she wanted to go with Dale, but at the same time, she was nervous. She allowed her eyes to follow Dale and Mara until they were no longer visible. When they vanished, she sighed, “how long were you two in the woods?” she questioned Shadow or Rouge.

“Two-Three days,” Shadow was the one who answered, “there were three of them so it was a bit harder to move around. But, now, there’s only three fingers. He’s smaller and he never stops chasing you down.”

“But, I don’t understand, why was that old man there?” Rouge questioned, ‘where’s the gas station now?”

“Good question, Rouge,” Shadow replied, “I only wish I knew.”

Rouge fell silent as she closer her eyes and drifted to sleep.

Meanwhile, Shadow removed his jacket and wrapped it around her body. He gently moved her so she was laying on his lap and he sat there, caressing her soft, and smooth cheek.

Ruby rested her head on a tree stump and she sighed, “it’s horrible. I feel like trapped rats.”

Sapphire nodded with agreement, “what’s even more horrible is that we don’t know where three fingers is. He could be anywhere, watching our…”

“ENOUGH!” Shadow ordered sternly, “as hard as it is to not think about it, you have to. Now, go to sleep. You can’t run away if you’re exhausted. It’ll just outrun you and you’ll surely die.”

Asagi stood up, “I will. But, I need to check up on Dale. I’ll be back soon.”

Shadow watched as Asagi left the group. Soon, she vanished into the woods.

“Dale!” she shouted in a whisper, “Dale!” she didn’t get a response and she called his name again, this time much louder. She could hear something.

Removing a branch from her view, she walked out and covered her mouth.

There in front of her, was the two she was searching for. Dale and Mara, full body naked, an erected penis and sperm on Mara.

Turning on her heels, she dashed back to the others in tears while ignoring Dale’s call for her to come back.

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