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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

WRONG TURN 2 DEAD END chapter five
Chapter five

They ran and they ran fast!

Rouge didn’t even bother checking for Shadow, she just ran only because she couldn’t control her own body. She could hear the maniacal laugh echoing everywhere around her. But was it behind her or beside her? She couldn’t tell. For all she knew she could’ve been running towards her death…

Amy gave off a scream and she fell to the ground. Her foot was caught in a barbed wire trap. The same one that was set in the road early.

Mara and Matt stopped and they ran back to her. Struggling, they quickly played with the wire around Amy’s foot. Mara continued to shake as she fought with the wires and, every second, she could the laugh draw closer and closer to them.

“Hurry!” Amy shouted, now, almost in tears.

The only thing Mara saw was a flying object and Matt’s body was thrown across the woods, and his head fell beside her. Mara, who was covered in his blood, screamed and she stood up. She backed away in fear, then, ran away. She could hear Amy’s scream, but she forced herself to block out the screams.

Asagi stopped, but Dale forced her to keep running.

Rouge soon found herself to weak to continue and she fell to her knees. Her breathing rapid and her heart beat hard against her chest. She watched Shadow sit beside her, he was breathing heavily, too, “how! How is he still alive!”

“I wish I knew,” Shadow answered.

“Mara!” Dale called when she finally caught up, “where’s Amy and Matt?”

“Whatever that thing was got Matt.”

Both Asagi’s and Dale’s eyes widen.

“Matt’s…dead?” Asagi repeated, “my brother’s dead…?”

Mara didn’t answer, she just sat down. She pulled her blood-covered hands through her hair and her sigh was shaky. Her eyes widen and she quickly shot from the ground, ‘you!” she shouted to Rouge, “Rouge! You knew!”

“No, swear!” she reassured, “I didn’t know there was only one left!”

“Mara…” Dale said, but she interrupted him.

“How many were there originally?”

“Three,” Shadow answered.

“Three! Three of those psychos!”

Everyone was silent.

“You’ve been through this before? Both of you?” Sapphire asked.

“all of my friends were killed,” Rouge answered sadly, “they were all killed because of those hillbilly fucks!”

Shadow was silent. He knew she was trying hard not to cry, trying hard not to think about the sights. He knew it was impossible.

Mara was silent, “you two survived before, right?” they both nodded, “then help us!”

“I’m sorry, but now that you’re involved you must fight for your own survival. Yes, we can help you, but your fate is in your own hands,” Shadow explained.

“But what about Amy?” Sapphire asked.

“She’s alive,” Rouge answered, “if they catch one of us alive they torture you. We’ll rescue her soon.”

Everyone nodded. They knew they had to agree with EVERYTHING they said. Their lives depended on it.

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