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Monday, August 27, 2007

quiz i stole from elfenlied101
1) what’s ur name? Cho
2) how old r u? 14
3) are u emo? Yes/no? yes
4) are u goth? Yes/no? yes
5) are u a prep? Yes/n?o no!
6) is there someone that u want to protect? yes
7) who? And do u want to spend the rest of ur life with him/her? none of ur buisness and yes i do!
8) who’s ur closest friend on otaku? man tough one. i love all of my friends
9) favorite anime? sonic x
10) Favorite manga? anyhting written by arina tenamura
11) do u find urself attractive? he no
12) what’s ur favorite color? black and more black!
13) do u get into a lot of fights at school? umm yes i do
14) do u love ur parents? no
15) favorite character? Shadow the hedgehog
16) favorite movie?
17) favorite band/singer? nightwish or anything thats heavy metal
18) r u the type of person to watch others get hurt? i hurt myself that's it
19) have u ever gotten hurt? Emotionally or physically? i said that i hurt myself so yes
20) can u understand other’s feelings? no i barely understand my own
21) do u believe that there is a god? hell no
22) what’s ur goal in life? ?
23) do u feel hated? yes
24) r u the type to hide ur real feelings? yes
25) r ur feelings for the 1 u love real? yes but i don't know about him
26) have u ever used someone?
27) if u had a choice who would u chose to be on an island with? Ur friends or the one u love? i don't know
28) is there someone ur jealous off? no
29) do u hate yourself? yes i hate everything about myself
30) do u blame urself for others mistakes? yes i don't let others take the blame i take it all.

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