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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

   Its Days like these that I wonder why I even try...
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Time: 6:21 a.m.
Mood: Sad/Self-pity/Self-loathing
Listening To: That new Green Day song. "The Saints Are Coming" or something like that.

Hey Everyone. I thought I'd just pop in for a quick update to let you guys know how I'm doing(not that you really want to hear my whining anyway) but here goes! On with the post!

XxThe EndxX
...Is a song by Bullet For My Valentine. But that's not what I'm talking about. Me and one of my online friends are finally over. I think I finally pissed him off bad enough that he won't come back, and I'm too stubborn and proud to beg, grovel, and apologize. But where the hell does he get off saying I am nothing compared to his girlfriend? Made me feel like shit, but what can I say? I started it. I came into chat ranting about how much of a bastard guys can be, and I stuck him in with the rest, knowing fully that HE IS. He's told me, he doesn't lie. And I wondered in the fuck I could be so damn stupid to even think that it could work. Cause it can't. He's horrid. Then. . . I don't even want to talk about the other guy. I just don't even know anymore. -tries not to have an emotional breakdown-

I turned in my two week notice. I'm quitting. To go to a job that doesn't pay more, but they told me I could have any day I needed off. So, I'm like, YAY! Good. Now I'll get my grades back up. I'm failing. -sighs again- Two out of four of my classes. Its not good. Not good at all. I gotta catch up. I need a break. We just HAD a fall break. But its not enough. I need a break from everything, like we had yesterday.

My friend. She and I hung out behind my house in the pooring rain in a cow field for over two hours just talking. I'm sicker cause of it, but it was worth it. It sort of gave me the release I needed. I screamed(not necessarily at her) and raged, and ranted about my life, her brother(the bastard that I don't even want to deal with), and then she'd rant, and it was all good in the end. It was great. I'd do it all over again. I'm thankful for who I have and what I have. But sometimes it gets too much.

XxPicture TimexX
Ok, I've wasted enough of your time as it is, so here are the pictures of the day:

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Ok that's all for today. Enjoy yourselves. ^^

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