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Sunday, October 15, 2006

   I can't believe I missed Friday the 13th...;_;
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Yeah...I totally missed Friday. Totally forgot what day it was til yesterday! XD Alot has happened, so this will probably be a very long post. ^^;;;

I went to the dentist and that took half of the day. Got my teeth cleaned. I hate doing that. Um... then we went to the mall, for shopping to waste time before the movie, my mom and cousin were going to see the Grudge 2 and I was going to go with them. (now I want to show you how Karma affects us all) I see my friends, so I basically ditch my mom and cousin to go hang out with them. But around 7:30 or so, while my mom and cousin are in the movie, MY FRIENDS DITCH ME TO GO SEE ONE. So here I am...stuck with weirdo guy with nipple ring and scariness for two hours. o.o; Nah, he was ok...he was great. So nice and fun to hang out with, and so are his friends. XD

But yeah, that was nice....

WOW...went to a festival. Saw things...twas not that interesting. WHAT WAS though...was the cornmaze we went to in the evening...CAUSE OH MY FUCKING GOD...so scary. its 45 minutes long, and the three hour wait and 12 bucks was worth it. There were scary Chainsaw wielding bloodied men in masks, Michael Myers personally just HAD TO stalk me, and there were so many other things in that maze..GOOD GOD...I was terrified. But it was so much fun. XDDD -squeals- I don't know if I would ever go again though or not.

ANYWAY...that's all for- OH WAIT. One more thing: I have a job now. Wow...I know! Its at a pretzel place in the mall...>.<; I start Monday...and work from 5 til 9(or closing). I do that all week, except wednesday...I get that day off. And then on Saturday, I work 12-3 in the afternoon. So...I don't know when I shall be updating again. I don't even know when I shall be able to do my homework again....;_; I'm stressed again. -sighs-

Well, here are the piccies for the day:

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MICHAEL MEYERS...good god he was scary.

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That's all for now. See you guys on the next update! If you read this.

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