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Friday, March 20, 2009

   I know its Been....forever?
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Yeah, I know its been awhile. Totally unintentional, really. I've had alot of issues, and spring break swept me up to Wisconsin for a week, and I had limited access to the internet, because I was always not at where I was staying.

Shortly after I went to Wisconsin, I started feeling really ill. I came down with a high fever, and couldn't keep anything down. I still don't feel that great, and I'm having some moderate stomach pain 24/7. I think it might be an ulcer, or maybe even gastritis. I'm not sure, but it scares me.

Also, lately I've been having this irrational fear of Death. Some people have requested I read books to help me overcome this sudden onslaught of paranoia. So far its not helping, but maybe that's because I'm not trying hard enough. I used to have a mind of steal, and now its like its mush. I really don't know, honestly. Anyone else have any advice?

Oh, and I also got a new laptop! =DD Its bright pink, and super awesome. So it will be a few on the pictures, because I don't have any of my cool awesometastic ones anymore. )))):

So that's what's been going on, besides major stress over papers and my one wish to stop time for just a little while, but I know that's impossible.

I'll get to everyone's sites today, just I have to jet to class for the moment.

~Shadow. ♥

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