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Sunday, December 31, 2006

   Because is just that time of the year
Heh you know its a bit awkward to be using this ol'myotaku page and not use my own layouts, but honnestly I kinda missed it. So its good to go back to plain old style once in awhile after all. =P

Alright so this is the time of the Year when I get all nostalgic and do this =P

Here we go,

To Family and friends who have made a difference.
Mom and Dad can be slightly annoying at times. But, that's what parents are for? We have our fights, and our disputes, but deep down, we love each other. And, I have to admit, I've been spoiled by them quite a few times in my life. Whenever we'd get into arguments, I remember my mom would always tell me that there'd never be anyone in the world who loved me more than my parents; and it's so true. And there's nobody in the world that I love more than my parents.

Shanny is my goddess. I never noticed how much she truly meant to me until there was the thought that she might've disappeared from my life. Loosing touch with her hurts so much and makes me incredibly paranoid. Shanny is just such a wonderful person. She's incredibly opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind, shes also very smart and so fun to talk to - I find myself loosing sleep just to talk to her, and not feeling tired at all. Shes that kind of person that you can turn yourself to and pour all your soul, and she listens carefully while advising and surrounding you with such overwhelming love, its impossible not to fall in love for her. Shes one of the closest friends Ive ever had.

Alexa was and still is my favourite teenager girl and even though the age between us is rather big, shes one of my best friend too. I haven't spoken to her for an awhile now, but she's still someone who has made a huge change in my life. Back when I first got to her site, I was fascinated with her style and colourful language. It was really something a bit unusual to me, I never was a big fan of swearing, its something I only say when Im really pissed and such, though Ive doing it more recently XD.
She do it constantly although with such a refine touch to it that its impossible not to smirk each time shes about to do it. Shes incredibly smart and responsible for such a young teenager, one thing that keeps amazing me each time that happens. This might sound rather awkward but the first time I spoke to her at msn I was so nervous, which doesnt make sense at all, a twenty-one years old girl so nervous to talk with a 15 years old teenager Ridiculous.
Thinking about it now, I didnt want to seem too old fashion to her because if I did, eventually shed get tired of talking to me, but thats not what really happened at the end, weve become more and more friends, and now everytime I get to see her online, I leave everything Im doing to chat with her. Some experiences with her brought out memories of the person I was at her age, things Ive done or said that I don't like to remember, but at the same time, made me realize a lot of things about myself now and about people and life in general. To this day, I still wish I was THAT stylish and responsible like she is, when I had her age.

Someguy I remember meeting him way back in 2004 and admiring his intelligence. He's one of the most talented people I know, and one of the wittiest. I think there are times when I overuse him as my support, and there are definitely times when it's just so easy to go to him and rant about life. The thing about him though, is the fact that he really listens. He's one of those people that I know I could turn to for anything, and over the years, he's been such a good friend to me. There are times when I wonder why he's still sticking with me because I wouldn't even stay with myself for this long. He's also a wonderful writer; something that I had wanted to be when I was younger. I've saved so many random little works by him, and there are times when just reading them makes me feel a little better. He's one of the closest guy friends I've ever had.

Joshie is my bishie turned into a human. I have this weird sensation that I known him ever since he was born. We have this connection of brother and sister, at least for me. Sometimes, even though he's only a few months younger than me, I feel as if he's more mature and more intelligent. Since we live on opposite sides of the world, I only get to talk a few times, (lately hes been a prick and turned off all the communications available to know how hes doing, which makes me sad and lil pissed too). It seems that whenever we see each other, we always get into some sort of funny argument about many random things. The argument could last for hours, and we laughed so much that most of the times I have to rush to the bathroom many times, haha.
It's become a habit to do so, and I can't imagine being without him and not having just one funny dispute. We're both so stubborn and giggly-ish persons, its always fun to have him around. I miss him. Terribly.

Vicksta is my yaoi supplier and Matrix lover. Conversations with her light up my life, especially our little yaoi role-plays that we usually have. I could loose myself in our role-playing world and just forget all my problems. She's also a very intelligent individual, and fun to talk to - unless if she's obsessing over something; then people should watch out. <3

Sephy has drifted away with time. She was the one person that I wanted to pick her up and take care of her. I dont have any kids, but she brought on me my motherly sentimental feeling. For a long time she felt unhappy and mad with the entire world so I felt it was my duty to show her how the world isnt so bad like she was thinking. She's so much fun to talk to, and when I was with her, I feel as if I could say the dumbest thing ever, and we would laugh so hard for hours. Over time, though, we've slowly lost touch. Every time I go online, I still hope that she'll be there.
Im glad to know that shes very happy now and enjoying life to the fullest.

Hinaru is to me and many other girls, the pillow guy. Hes extremely shy at first but such a incredible person, one of the things I like about him so much is, how slow and how short he can be with words.
Its only been a year that Ive started to know him so there isnt much I can really say about him yet, but one thing I say for sure is, Hinaru is one of the people I most admire on myotaku, for his persistence, for his patience and dedication to someone. Hes truly someone to look forward to. I cant wait to know more about him.

Beckles she is my dancing partner. And quite a good dancer, mind you. Shes also funny, sweet, that loves a good laugh just like me. Ive known her for the longest time but unfortunately only for a few months that we started to really chat and if I may say became friends. So I still know so little about her from my few experiences around her but I've heard a lot from others and to be honest, shes all that and more.
I hope that this new year, we keep talking and share many moments together because god LORD, shes addicting!
So for the little I know, I can say for sure, that I truly love and cherish this person. And wish her all the best.

Tiffy, Teri and Nessa their the best trio I ever meet in my entire life!
They have everything, from funny, to lovable. You name it. Its practically impossible to not pay attention and fall in love to this trio when their around.

Bells - now this is a very interesting person. Sadly I dont know much about him as a person. Although I do remember that, right after he signed in and started to sign guest books, he started this commotion on each myotaku girls sites. Everybody immediately wanted to know him better and wanted his entrie. Why? Because hes truly sweet. Calling us, ladies. Truly a gentleman.
Hes such a beautiful person inside and outside. Its impossible not to feel comfortable and special with his presence. He also has a unique glamorous style. Just take a look at his site and youll know what I mean.
Having him around only makes Myotaku even more glamorous.

And less but not least,
Mimmi Ive only meet her for a couple of weeks, but just like Beckles Ive heard so many good things about her, that I HAD to check her out and perhaps, become her friend.
And I couldnt be more convinced, Mimmi is my Europartner since both of us are European and I dont know if you noticed but its so rare to find Europeans around here, so thats a double points to her.
I dont know why, but when I read her stuff, I feel were very similar, (even though she writes way better than me in English). Im glad to have meet her and hope this new year allows me to know much more to tell about her here, hehe.
Many best wishes for you darling, youre one of the coolest Europeans I ever meet. ;3

To all of you that I didnt mention here dont think I dont like you, I do. The people I mention above somehow made a difference on my life. Rather was because Ive known them for the longest pre-historical time or because Ive meet them recently and they provoked some kind of special memory to me.

To each and of all of you, Happy New Year!
From your silly friend/host,

Ps: To all of you who received the invitation pm, I hope youll be there. <33

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