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Sunday, December 17, 2006

In a few days itíd make one month since I last posted heh, Iíve been slacking off to much around here, to be honest Iím writing this for the sake of posting.

Life has been quite ordinary, well no, thatís not exactly true, a lot has happened but Iíll keep most to myself, the only thing I can say and some of you are wondering is about the contest I whined so much last time I posted, the answer is, I didnít win.

Heh actually I knew that would eventually happened way before the contest started, since I was very ďgreenĒ with the programs they were asking us to play around but still I did my best to surpass myself but more importantly to make my professor proud since he worked so hard and did many sacrifices to help me out so it was the least I could do for him.

There were only 11 people competing in the same contest as I was, 10 were all men and as you already guessed I was the only woman there, so yes as you can imagine I started to freak a bit, the only girl representing an entire school and the only WOMAN competing against 11 guys.

Girls, you know how boys can be very stupid sometimes, especially if their competing all against one single woman and this guys acted stupid, right after they saw me getting inside their starting to whisper ďA chick pffft this will be easier then I thoughtĒ

Iím not saying all men are stupid but comments like that hurts, I mean weíre in a new millennium, many women have proved to be quite good competitors, why thereís still so many guys think we canít do it? I was mad with that but somehow that gave me even more strength to go beyond my limits even if it meant loosing sleep and learning most of it while I was working there.

And I made it, I surpass myself in every single way possible, I may have not won the gold, silver or bronze medal but I won the acknowledge and respect of everyone and my teacher donít stop bragging about a single girl who didnít know practically nothing about it but still did a great job getting in the 4th place. Note that I competed against teachers, students who use those programs longer than I did and people older than me.In a few words their knowledge were far greater than mine.

One important fact was I earned the respect of those guys, they now acknowledge that I was a heck of a competitor and we became good friends.

Another important fact was when I came back at school I was greeted like I won the competition by everyone, heh so overall I did a pretty good job, havenít I?

PS:Mimmi if you're reading this, you're now officialy added to my lady friend's list, since you're a fantastic person and should be in the spotline because everybody need to meet more people like you. <3
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