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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

8 November 2006

Urgh, my computer suddenly frozed on me while I was typing my long somewhat coherent post that took nearly an hour to type and all was lost just like that in a splint of a second, that's mean yo.
So instead of making it as long as the first one (since I can't remember half of what I've wrotte before), I'll make it shorter.

Its been quite awhile since I've wrotte something here, isn't that true? Took me exactly three weeks and a few days, nearly a month heh.
School's keeping me quite busy these days, its being such an exciting yet relative hard challenge, most of the days I'm extremely worned off, since I have classes all day (two hours each with one hour for lunch) and so many projects to do during the night and sometimes lasting till early morning, bleh.
So its actually tougher to sit down and writte a few words here.
Oh but its paying off, I have learned so much that any project, quiz or tiredness doesn't kill the excitment of learning something incredibly new, actually it's impossible not to get excited while your trying out something brand new that you've always asked yourself (and perhaps burned your brain trying) to find out how to master it.
I just can't wait to show you what I've learned and I will but in due time, I shall surprise you with a wacky brand new layout you have never seen before. It'll be refreshing.Just a tad bit longer is needed untill I master it, you won't regret. ;P

Also, your pal Shadow have entered in a home movie (it was a school project, to test our creativity along with maneuvering with a camera, etc), oh yeah!
And what characther I was you might ask, oh you know the usual, a emotional/histerical/beating the crap of everyone kinda girl in a horror movie.
Acting is so much fun!I was so nervous at first but then I felt pretty confortable. In one of the close-up scenes I had to cry and get desperate and so I did, I made it so real and well that my partners felt pity of me and wanted to confort me, hahaha.
I wonder if perhaps there's some acting in my veins...
Probably not but nonetheless it was so much fun doing it. Actors and Actress are so lucky, it really is amusing to act. =3
I've also been invited, more like pre-signed up by my teachers (before I even knew I was) on this regional contest-a contest about web-design and Microsoft Office.
It seems I'll be representing my school in those categories, yes its an honnour and I'm greatly apreciated to be choosen to represent my school but great honnours demands greater responsabilities so I'm a bit freacked about that, heh. Though I'll do my best and most of all I'll try to have fun.
It starts around November 20 and lasts untill the end of the first week of December so pretty soon I'll have to do a quiz to see which I need to improve and then have extra classes and that's a bummer.//le sigh
A little bit of "good luck" wouldn't kill though. =P

Aww my pupils I have so much to tell but I'll save it for future posts (that'll make me post more often) since noone likes to read long posts and/or maybe I'm talking too much about the subject school in one post, hehe.

For now just enjoy my new layout, it still has a long way to be finished but I had so much fun making it so far, so I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Signing off,



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