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Thursday, October 26, 2006

26 October 2006
Its incredible of how messed up your mind can get after being sleepless more then 48 hours...
I wanted to do this with more calm and don't messed up as I previously did with my last post but with the pile of work I have beside me something tells me I won't have enough time available to do it later on, also I'm not that kind of person to lay off when I should look and accept the consequences of actions.
So before I get any further, I apologise.
I may have been too rough with words when I seriously didn't meant to. I prefer not to state the reasons why, I already talked to the person in question and apologise, so please try to understand why I don't want to share it, its kind off personal.

Still I do owe you all an apologise for reading that, that's not my usual me, actually I've never acted that way before here or any other place, as most of you know. Still I'm merely human and by default humans do mistakes once in awhile, though I promise that will be the last time you've seen that bad part of me.
To ease some minds, I'm not planning to delete my site because well, one) I'm too attached to it and to everyone here (and I mean everyone) and two) I think the mouse slips to the other side each time I hover the "delete" button.=P

I hope you forgive me,



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