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Friday, October 20, 2006


Friday, October 20th 2006
Its been a very awkward week, just like a rollercoaster with ups and downs. Teachers have been pressuring a bit harder now so I have an huge ammount of projects/research to do, its not like I didn't know already this would happen, I did, what annoys me is instead of being with people that deserved to be pampered because it was their day I was working on my projects.
Also, my collegues noticed somehow that I'm a good listener and good adviser (which I'm not btw), its not like its a bad thing, I feel truly honnoured they trust me enought to tell whats passing on but by ranting me all their problems, fears, anxiety, my head overflows with their problems because I have the bad habbit to wonder "What if it was me?".
Sometimes their so frontal about it that I'm unable to find proper confort words or if I should be smooth or frontal as well, even though its not exactly my problem it becomes my problem so its hard to deal with certain rants.
Like one of my collegues, her dad had cancer a few years ago but recovered very well, now after all this time the doctor found a wierd spot in his stomach and she's thinking that his cancer is back and all him and her passed through that dark time will eventually beguin all over again.She's that kind of girl that's very energetic, like always jumping, fooling around but lately she hasn't and today I found her in a dark spot sttruggling to not cry, she reluctantly kept telling she was alright until eventually she broke down and told me that, isn't that heartbreaking?
It definitely makes you ask yourself the "what if it was my dad?" question...
But it hasn't been entirely bad, there were good moments like, I've catched this cold, its not so bad but everyone has pampered me today at school.
Since the very first day we've become closer and closer [School only started for three weeks], like we've known each other for so long.
If you could see us interact you would definitely think we were friends from decades, I'm a shy person (sometimes too much) its hard for me to get close to someone that fast so its the very first time that happens and an entire class. Its good to have collegues so warm and nice like them, makes you feel important, needed a completely different ambient I was in my later highschool years.

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