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Monday, October 16, 2006

Monday, 16 2006
Counting with today it makes three weeks that passed from last time I updated and this update will more likely pass unoticed since its almost 10pm...oh well its not like I have important things to say anyway, I'm just updating for the sake of updating and to check out my fancy new layout WITH a few things I've learned in school.
Well most things will pass unoticed but some will be visible, things I have never used before lets see who can noticed what it is. =P
So lets make this short because I still have projects to start and to finish, urgh.School has made me busier than the Pope himself, I know its a strange, very bizarre comparison the least but it seriously has!So many things to check and to be done, so little time and patience. XD
I've been staring this pile of research paper for hours now and I don't find enough patiente to read....urgh who cares about knowing the significant of Family in latim...
Its a pain in the....ahem..."voluptous down place" to be doing each week an essay or project its still better than doing tests or exams, so I shouldn't complain - to much. =P

Oh!I've been HAZED!
Hell yeah, it was about time, dammit!I'm quite proud and happy about it! [Its quite awkward that someone could actually feel happy or even proud that she has been submitted to do very embarassing things not only at school but around the city as well...haha]
Seriously now I feel that I am a freshman there!
Making the story very short, last friday around afternoon all freshmen were sent to the "backyard" and each course and studend were called one by one, [Around this time we knew something was bout to happen], what kinda gave us the right clue were the oldest students were inside and were giggling, one even said "Poor thing" to me while I walked to the backyard I got worried. 0_o
After all the calls where finish each class were called inside and not long I had to wait for my time, I had to pass through a small corridor were all students were closed to the walls waiting for us, we were pushing each other because no one wanted to pass through there (what a wuss we were xD), they did no harm, they just sung that song of funerals...?I don't know what's called.Then we were present with other oldest students dressed as knights from Rome and one of them told us to kneel down and so we did, then we had to rise our right hand high and do the jurement [although that were quite embarassing I had so much fun, since the words were all messed up like "I promise to be faithfull to school, to never desobey or touch "other" parts aside from hers until our course separate us apart" XD ].
Shortly after they present us with a small gift a "Miss freshman" belt and then we were sent to the street to yell whatever they want us to yell and sing naught stuff, a couple of colleges took some pictures so I should have some to show you =P, after going around the city yelling naughty stuff, scaring children, oldfolks we went to the auditorium to get a lecture about the rules and such, that was the part I didn't like it at all.

Well guess now I have the memorie I wanted, hehe.It was so much fun if you don't look to all the embarassment we had to pass.=P
Hmmmm...I just realize that I post rarely but my posts are always big when I do, haha.Hope its not to boring to read.Ack I should go already and work on those projects.
See you till next time <33


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