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Sunday, October 8, 2006


You have reached Shadow's myotaku corner.For mutual respect between me and my visiters I only ask to read some, lets call it request for a good enviroment.
And they are:
  • //First of all, I would appreciate if you remember your manners.

  • If you desire to leave me a message, use the guestbook.If you do, use your imagination.

  • Do not steal, re-due or anything that crosses your mind with my graphics or codes.If your interested in any of them, you are free to ask me to assist you. Don't be foolish I have myo ninja/spies, you'll more likely get caught.

  • Private messages are only to assist, personall messages, any others aside from those mentioned above [ex. chainletters or asking me to visit you] are deleted.
  • The site and its owner are Yaoi/Yuri friendly.If such a thing offends you, you know the way out.

  • All in all be nice, respectfull towards others and towards yourself.Its all I truly ask.

  • Goo Goo Dolls - "Black Baloon"

    Enjoy your stay.



    [This is the real update =P]
    I couldn't help but giggle a few times with your comments about trying to figure out what I was saying in my language, hehe.
    It was fun, shall we do it again sometime soon?More likely, haha. =3
    Thanks for commenting though. I gave the link of my site and a few others to my teachers I still don't know what they think about it, next week I'm sure.
    Oh since I'm talking about commenting, I'm unable to comment on Myo. this past few weeks, there's some kind of problem with it.I already warned Adam about it...twice. I'm sure I'll be able to comment again in awhile.So in case your wondering why I'm on and leave you a shout on your shoutbox and don't comment, now you know.

    Just a quick reminder to two lovable people that somehow are having issues in their lives, one with a stressy somehow un-wanted trip and another with some news that was shocking, for both of you, especially you darling, I'm always here for you whenever you need it.And sometravellerguy, its going to be fine.*hugs*

    So the first week back to school has finished and a brand new week is about to beguin and your wondering how was it?
    I seriously mean that, it was a bit awkward and confusing the first day but then I got the handle of it.After spending only two days there I had to do an essay, it wasn't too hard, I had help though and I'm very thankfull for the person who gave me a "push", it inspired me and made it look more real, exactly the way my teacher wanted.
    I could tell you all that happened during this week with an amazing detail (I assimilated everything to remember in laters years) but it'd be so long and to you, it'd be too boring, to me, exciting to tell, hehe. So I'll just say one or two major events that happened.
    Like the Hazing (as I've learned from Duo I thought you called it pranks before XD), I had no one hazing me which left pretty much surprised.
    "Errrmmm aren't you suppose to haze me today?Like I'm a freshman....new to school kinda girl?Someone to poke and mess around for your own three years enjoyment?A pay back kinda thing for your haze three years back?....No?....ya tired right? "
    I'm sure I've said that to each three year college guy that came by to talk or ask something, hahaha. I know I was seriously asking for it but c'mon the answer was always "why should I?" or "Ermm no?Unless you want me to..."...incredible!
    Okay, okay so I got hazed one time, but nothing too serious, I just had to shout some sillynaughty things in the backyard...but c'mon....I wanted some serious hazing...ya know to remember later?Aww well...

    Last Friday was fun, we had no classes in the afternoon, we went to the auditorium to check out the three years WebDesigners students' works and HOLY COW that was BADASS works I tell ya.
    I was WOW-ing all the time and my jaw was reaching each time a bit more to the floor with each work that passed through the big screen.
    I can assure you that while I was watching that the "click" hit me, I found my future, this is what I REALLY wanna do.I found my vocation.
    Each time a student showed us his/her work, they warned us of how hard work is needed to do even such a simple thing because according to them the deadline to do it and make it work decently will very tight so it'll be needed alot of commitment and sacrificies.
    So its hard and I'll have many sleepless nights but I can't wait for it! I'll master not only the webdesign but also the audio and video, two brand new subjects they added it this year.
    I've also heard that after this I can complement with another three years and finish it as Computer's Arts Engineer or whatever is called, sounds important doesn't it? x]

    Anyway its going to be one hell of a ride with many hard work and sacrifices but it'll be worth it, oportunities like this ones don't happen more then one time so I'm very excited to start it and give my very best. =3

    Another thing I want to add is, I have great collegues and great teachers (Teachers and students passed most time, chatting and playing around), and all the people that work there...this school I'm in is completely different from my Highschool, I've been warned it'd be that way but...only experience can tell of how much is different...I'm lovin' it so far.


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