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Monday, September 25, 2006

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I tried to be perfect

But nothing was worth it,

You have reached Shadow's myotaku site.
This site is no longer at hiatus still, due to certain personall affairs, I rarely update.
But please, feel free to browse around just as long as you follow these simple rules.
Which are:
  • //Although I may or may not be here, I would appreciate if you remember your manners.

  • If you feel like leave me a message though your before warned that my reply might come late.

  • Do not steal graphics or codes.If your interested on the codes/graphics you are free to ask me to assist you. Don't be foolish I have myo ninja/spies, you'll most likely get caught.

  • The site and its owner are Yaoi/Yuri friendly.

  • All in all be nice, respectfull.Its all I ask.

  • Enjoy your stay.


    If you believe it’s in my soul

    I’d say all the words that I know

    So why am I updating today you ask, well today is very special to someone and to some of us as well. Let's hear a lil' story shall we?

    Once upon a time 26 years ago, on a very bright and warm day, a small beautifull baby girl was borned.September 25th was the date.
    The world couldn't recieve better grace from such a wonderfull creature.
    From a child who was a spotline to a wonderfull unreplaceble woman she became. Still, the world and everyones that have the honnour to share her life rejoice and smilles upon her.
    Whenever she crosses our sight or when we hear her name its like we can listen a truly beautifull lullaby master piece directly from heaven, impossible to be repeated, impossible to be played by others, because nothing can be compared to her.

    She never cease to amaze of how far she can go to make someone smille and be conforted, she rejoice when your happy, she cries and embrace you when you reach the bottom.
    She is our air, our sun, our stars, our moon, our goddess , we certaintly wouldn't be the same without her.
    This story does not have an ending, not yet, its too soon. There will be many more adventures along with her and who knows, in a very far future we will be sharing our stories about our young days together with our grandsons while we take naps between.
    Shanny will never grow old, because angels can never grow old.

    Happy birthday love. I hope many many more years come and we'll be cherishing all our moments forever together.
    Love you truly,

    ~Shadow your eternal KittyKat <33
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