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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

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It's the quiet night that breaks me

like a dozen papercuts that only I can trace

You have reached Shadow's myotaku site.
Although this site is on hiatus due to certain personall issues.Feel free to browse around, as long you follow the rules.
Which are:
  • //Although I may not be here, I would appreciate if you remember your manners.

  • If you feel like leave me a message though your before warned that my reply might come late.

  • Do not steal graphics or codes.If your interested on the codes you may take them but ask me first.I have myo ninja/spies.

  • The site and its owner are Yaoi/Yuri friendly.

  • Enjoy your stay.


    All my books are lying useless now

    Aside from some minor damages all end well

    Aside from heavy rain, thunders and very strong winds all night long. We only have minor damage, broken roofs, some flooding and such but no one got hurt or died.
    The weather is finally calming down so we're safe for now.

    The other good news is Helen is changing course so with luck we won't be hit by her and if we will, it'll be only a mere tropical storm.

    I'm very relief to know things didn't end up bad as they were predicting, heck its been quite unbelievable days with all those warnings and preparations. So I think we can all take a deep breath now.

    ....I guess I'll have a good story to tell my future grandsons ne? Its not everyday someone's survive a hurrican without getting hurt. A hell of a story to tell. Hehehe. x]

    Still we're not completely cleared yet, keep us in your thoughts a little bit longer because it worked, okay? =P
    Thank you so very much, I really apreciate all your caring. <33

    PS:I live on Azores a group of islands Portugal has, Kry.

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