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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

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Dark Passion:Shanny


Textures:Hybrid Genesis

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It's the quiet night that breaks me

like a dozen papercuts that only I can trace

You have reached Shadow's myotaku site.
Although this site is on hiatus due to certain personall issues.Feel free to browse around, as long you follow the rules.
Which are:
  • //Although I may not be here, I would appreciate if you remember your manners.

  • If you feel like leave me a message though your before warned that my reply might come late.

  • Do not steal graphics or codes.If your interested on the codes you may take them but ask me first.I have myo ninja/spies.

  • The site and its owner are Yaoi/Yuri friendly.

  • Enjoy your stay.


    All my books are lying useless now

    Hurricane warnings

    Some of you have already seen it on the news and such but for those who haven't, we're expecting two hurricanes very soon - Gordon (this night) and Helen (in a few days).

    We're on Red Alert since neither of them transformed into tropical storms like usually happens.

    So what I'm asking is, keep us in your thoughts this upcoming days, if you please. We will need it.
    I'll keep you updated about it whenever is possible.
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