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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lazy Muse

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My Life

[Portugal-Azores time]

|Sunday|August 20 2006|

You all know that I live on a island right?
Well most of you know, anyway, I've lived here all my life and this island is not that big. This reminds me something, one time I tried once to pick up a piece of paper with the size of the island (maps scale) and see how many times we fit on Russia or Canada for exemple, needless to say it took me a damn while and after awhile I lost count with all those numbers.
Yeah its THAT small but yet its bigger than the other islands, now imagine how it is to be living in such a small place you people who live in big states or countries.
Everyone thinks its very enjoyable to live in a small place, since everyone knows you and say hello, but it also means if you mess up everyone will know as well, which might not be a good thing, hehe. Has bad and good things like every thing on life.
But anyway I'm getting off topic now, what I mean by telling you all this, is even though its smaller and I have lived here 21 years which is a very long time, I still haven't seen the entire island, now your wondering how's that possible.
Well pretty simple my boys, two years ago we didn't had a car, surprised, no?You should be, haha.
Yeah not having a car makes simple things like travelling quite tricky, especially those places like Nordeste [which is 2 to 3hours away by car] now imagine 6 people with many stuff and such getting on a bus ride with all that bus stops it would be quite a tiring trip so we never actually went there, until of course we got a car.

Going to Nordeste wasn't something we planned ahead, we just woke up one morning and said "Why not going to Nordeste today?".
We went there last year but everything was a lil'messed up, it was being remodeled so the sight wasn't that prettier as it should be, but heck one year later and on a very hot summer day that place made every jaws fall down HARD!It doesn't matter if your have lived here or not, it seems like I travelled to another country!
I couldn't believe my eyes!That was heaven on earth I tell you, and I can pretty much assure you now that my island its the PRETTIEST HEAVENLY LIKE ISLAND EVER MADE ON EARTH.
I'm sorry if it sounds rude or unreasenable but seriously it is!
I've never seen so many waterfalls in just one place as I've seen there, the rivers man the rivers with forest surrounding it, the lakes!With all this cute golden, green-ish, red-ish fishies in them!
As your guessing by now I took my digital camera with me took quite a few but after awhile and especially the place that were more heavenly like the batteries died and I had no other batteries to replace, I've tried on this small restaurant/bar if they had some but they didn't.That got me slightly mad because I really wanted to state my point here and somehow make some of you and your jaws to fall down as well.
SO now while I state things here you might believe me or might want proof. I'll give you proof as soon I get from beach I'll show you the few pictures I was able to take on a next update, for now you have to believe my words when I say its bloody cool to live on island its a shame I didn't found any dinosaurs but I bet I heard something far inside the forest, little gigantic footsteps, hehe. =P
So did I gushed enough my island that made you eager to come pay me a visit?

Yes, no?

Anyway I've tried and its time for the love post.=3


Aka Rinoasquall4ever or as I call her, Lua("Moon").
So what can I say about this lovely girl?In fact many, many things. But first let me explain you why I call her lua.
I call her that way not because she has a dark side nor has anything to do with gothic stuff, however she does have this unbelieveble shine that comes through her and attracts you to her.
You see, I've always been fascinated by the moon, it has this magic calling that attracts you to go seek her at night and you find yourself staring at her mighty brightness and beautifulness for countless hours. With the sounds of the night on the background while you stare and be embraced by its light, it gives you this warm confort and makes you feel that your presence its really needed.
Just like what I feel when Teri's around, no bad energy seems to come off from her.
Its like she can pass through all the bad energy without being one single time touched.
I've always seen Teri cheerfull, happy even when things aren't alright she keeps smilling and keeps focused on a better tomorrow, thats quite remarkable for me since I'm a good years older then her and sometimes I struggle to believe on better days, heh.
She is also incredibly insaciable on helping her friends.With only a few encouradging words from her, you regain your smille back.Its truly amazing.

"Your my hero in many ways", she told me once.

I was caught by surprise, I wasn't able to find proper words to tell her since I've never been called a hero before. Its truly flatering and I was on a brink of tears when she kept talking how wonderfull I was.

But now that I thought about it lua, its not me who is the true hero, ITS YOU.
When I keep falling and refusing to believe on better tomorrows, you keep believing. You bring us light and embraces us with your warm love, saving us from our own hole of desbeliving.And our chats even though are just a few, its always fun to chat with you.
You and only you are the hero. Mine and everybody ones.
Thanks for your friendship and your warm love, darling. Me and everyone are truly blessed to have you around us.
Forever <33
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