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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Lazy Muse

You have reached Shadow's Myo space, I apreciate your visit and hope you feel confortable enough around and come make me a visit again soon.
If you sign don't forget to leave a cute little signature, also don't forget to read the simple rules of this site.
Enjoy and have fun.

This layout [codes&graphics] were done by me.

While your here...

01]Remember your manners.
02]Be creative when leaving a message.
03] I only provide html help with friends and padawans.
04] Do NOT steal graphics and/or codes.Simply ask.
05] Swearing is allowed but only in a non-offensive way.
05]This site is Yaoi/Yuri lover.
Have a problem with it? Rather deal with it or leave.


The Otaku Mentors Program [or Créche]

The Otaku Mentors or Créche was founded by [DarkPhoenix].
Créche is s a place for myOtaku members to meet and find a potential master or padawan. A place of adoption.
Simply put, an otaku veteran (known as Masters) is willing to guide/help/provide anything necessary to a new member (known as padawan) around Myotaku.
If you're interested just click here and you'll be re-directed to the Creche official site where you can either have access to more info about it or fill out a master or padawan form.
Light Padawan: Lemony
Dark Passion:Shanny

My Life

[Portugal-Azores time]

|Thursday|August 17 2006|

[Insert random update about silly shadow's life here]

Blah who wants to read a random update about my life when they should be reading beautifull full of love post to someone special like some of you?
I'm so behind on the loving posts, its not that I don't want to make them, is just everytime I start to writte them they sound horrible. I wish I was wordy bastard, dammit.

To all of you who already send me love [tons of valuable warming love] I can't find words to describe how much I am thankfull. I promise to do my very best to make you justice, is just taking awhile. ;___;

About my life [to anyone who wants to know] its been okay, I'm tan, lots of crazy pictures...y'know the usual. =P

Forever <33
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