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Tuesday, August 8, 2006

My Life

[Portugal-Azores hour]
|Tuesday|August 8 2006|

Before I start with the lovin's post, let me give you a little update on whats happening here for the past few weeks.
Let's start with old news, I'm on vacations for about two weeks or so, its been so and so.
It hasn't been entirely bad but somewhat it could have been more fun, not like I'm complaining. Alright maybe I am, just a little though. =P
You know whats funny, I still have that awkward sensation that I need to hurry up and go to work, each day heh, also I get a little bored/annoyed during the time I used to be working hard, I'm not sure why I find this amuzing though but it just is heh.
Still its good to be home.

Most of you already know this, the course I was so willing to take and honnest to be told, worked hard to get in, I've finally got the final decision. I've been accepted. However I had to change the first option to a more suitable one for me, well th interview guy told me "Multimedia" would be the perfect choice for me since I'm fairly familiar with it. Incredibly enough, my older brother advised the same thing while I was filling the school form, so I end up transfering to that one.

Hearing the lady saying I was accepted left me very, very excited yet very, vey anxious and slightly angsty. Applications date? - August 16.When school actually starts?I have no clue, yet.

Although I'm suppose to be on vacations and therefore suppose to be online more, I have been slacking both.
Well sure I take a quick nap once in awhile or take a walk instead, when its possible anyway and I also have been online now and then, just for little awhile though, but its summer and when summer hits Shadow's island, it only means one important thing - Its remodelation time.
Plenty of things to break down, re-built, move furniture around, break some walls, paint those walls after, until Mom, Dad and older brother are satisfied. Don't get me wrong its fun do it, no one better than me to join a breaking-things-party but it get a little annoying after awhile...
Can't forget about the major cleaning that its needed to be done after. Oh joy.

Am I forgetting something? Oh yes, I still have all those layouts to finish or as mentioned above get online more often, I hate to leave people hanging over or waiting for me and thats what I've doing more lately. Curse me for that, I deserved it.
And yes the name YAWA fits me perfectly now.
My honnest apologies for the friends I've been consistently doing that.

Hmmm any other news, lets see..
Oh yes my uncle from Montreal, Canada is here. I've only spoke with him once. Very amuzing and interesting person, my dad and him passed an entire night telling us stories about their past as children. I love good stories that involves farts or stealing corn.

Well... thats pretty much what I've been doing, heh. So people that were wondering where and what the hell I've been doing lately, now know. Is just a few of you anyway, others are very well informed. =P
So I should start with the lovings already and to keep the lovin's towards the other gender today I picked, hinaru. The pillow boy.


So what can I writte about this person. I've only know him for a few months but its like I know him for far more time then that.
I was introduced to him in a big convo over msn. I did heard and if my memory don't fail me now, I even took a peek to his site before but god knows why I didn't signed it when I went there. Probably lazyness hit me on that day, who knows.
Though I'm very glad someone add him to that convo that day or I would never had a chance to know him.
One thing that amuzed me back then and still does, is how shy and silent he can be, what I mean with this is hinaru can be in a convo with many people writting away, talking about many subjects or even about him that he would never talk back unless we tease him. =P
He is more of one on one chatter honnestly that's how I knew more about him and even that way he won't let you "know" him much, but after you gain his trust he can be such a fun, affectionate, friendly guy.
This is a guy who sung while played guitar for me on my birthday, mailed me a colar with a beautifull shell as pendent.
He had endured my bitchyness mood many times and made me smille and get "nice" again after each time that happened.
A guy who let a bunch of girls call him pillow or "whore" and make him dance everytime we get together.
Everyone over msn knows how much I love to tease him and how much I tease him and he doesn't mind, just tags along with it.

Hinaru might be shy or a silent taihitian boy, he might not give you many advises or stuff like that still somehow he manages to bring your spirit up, everytime we need it.And best of all he can endure my horrible, HORRIBLE french. For me thats like the most amazing skill ever!
He is in fact and proved by all of us myotaku girls that he is one of the Coolest Male Myotaku elite.

So hina from my part thanks for your big, HUGE patience and for being such a bright company to us all.

Forever <33

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