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Saturday, August 5, 2006

My Life

|Wednesday|August 5 2006|


Today is a special day to a special boy. He is one of my favourite people over Myo. and of Kriptonite City.*giggles*
I remember the day I signed his guestbook and how much I’ve anticipated his entrie in return. I also remember that I had to give a little push to make it happen later on *giggles*.
Honnestly I couldn’t be more happy to have done that because that way I had the all time opportunity to know this amazing human being.

James, remember the first time we’ve chatted over msn?Haha gosh I was so nervous and trying so hard to impress you...didn’t work very well ne? =P
But being a gentleman as you are, you stood by, gave me a few tips and told me to relax and be myself.See how could I not like someone like you?
I can pretty much say you were the very first male who I ever felt and feel confortable to talk about everything and anything with and could be myself. You have not only taught me that but also have made me get better in so many others aspects, like my writting?

Oh yes, your writting skills. Its been two years and half now that I’ve known you and gosh you still amaze me with your writting skills [you know its true don’t you denie it], just a simple comment of yours, I always learn and get inspiration from it, really. You are THAT good.

You’re also so sincere like sometimes when we were chatting and I’ve poured my thoughts onto you, getting sometimes very desperate or bitchy, you’ve always told me when to stop, be more patiente, because “it can’t rain forever”. Your words.
It took me awhile to believe it, okay took me a long time but I’ve finally learn it, because you kept telling me that each time my faith for a better tomorrow faded.
You were always there when I cried for help, always. Lending me your ears, your thoughts, advises, your shoulder to cry on. You’re so compassionate, afectionate and do whatever you can to help without looking if its safe for you.
Your twicked sense of humor, you can make me laugh for hours straight.Oh can’t forget your pervet side too, hehe, I love that side of yours. *laughs*

I can pretty much say, you my friend, are without a doubt far better then Super Man himself and without needing any special powers like flying or blue collants, you can still be such a unbelievable hero.
I have highly respect for you not only as a friend but as human being. I admire you since the very first time I saw you. And even though you have such a humble nickname you are without a doubt #THE SOMEGUY for me whom I cannot live without.

Shie shie botões for all the times you had to endure with me, for all the fun, laughs, cries, desperate situations we’ve passed through.
I send you all my love and friendship and also some gifts but that doesn’t matter now. *giggles*

Happy 23rd birthday botões.

[ Edit:] I had to add this:
I ADOOOOOORE your voice!
There I've said it. =P

Forever <33

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