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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My Life

|Wednesday|August 2nd 2006|

I remember the first time I’ve heard and seen her around oh boy she was [still is] considered “The Dark Phoenix”. I must admit the very first time I’ve clicked her name I was nervous, when she replied back, her words made me I fell in love for her.
I mean this might seem corny but God we’re talking about an old member of MyO. Replying to a simple noob who was just taking her first walks over this place and without knowing anything about me she opened her arms in such a warm way from the very first time like I was an old friend coming back home.
Unfortenaly our friendship only truly bloom when I read Someguy’s post saying who Shanny truly was to the world, what she was truly passing through and was when I first and truly realized how unique and amazing this lady was, also how foolish I was being for not letting myself get to know her better, I’m not sure if she noticed that and this is the first time I’m talking about it, the night or two nights before SG wrotte that we’ve spoken and she told me she had a cirurgury, she tried to involve me, get some needed support and I wasn’t able to do that.Actually I didn’t do anything.
After reading his post I felt horrible, how could I had consistently turned my back to someone that unique that had only treated me so well?!
So I made a promise to myself I would embrace and let me be embrace by her.
Bit by bit, word by word, day by day we started to get close and close and every moment I shared with her I would love her even more.
Three years later I can say that she have shared my live and I have shared hers in such a profound way that is impossible to tell.
If I am who I am today mostly and truly is due to Her.
Even today from all we’ve passed through together its incredible of how hard it is to me to describe her, simple words like; intelligent, lovely or sweet are not enough to describe such a deep, complicated, compassionate, full of love soul she has.
I guess to truly and most of you who are close to her will agree, to find out how magnificant Shanny is, its by sharing moments with her.She IS unique, unreplaceble.

Shanny my love, I feel deeply blessed and honnoured you have let this silly Azorian girl enter your life, share your pain, happyness, respect and trust. You are my light, my goddess, my blood sister. If by any unrelliable change our paths turn apart I will never forget you. Your part of my life now and I can’t, won’t let you be just a memorie.
I’ll be forever your friend, your companion, your kitty, your shadowan. I love you beyond the universe and all its vast space.Stay the way you are forever love.

Forever <33

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