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Monday, July 17, 2006

My Life

|Friday|21 July 2006|
|Feeling like I'm burning|

Alright this time I was only away for a few days instead of weeks, so a cheer for me?=P
Though there's nothing much to really talk about heh aside from the fact that I think I'm done with stressing out or at least I hope I'm done.
Only one more week at the job and then the contract ends and vacations beguin [which I can't wait mind you], and mmmmmm the last exam I was suppose to do wasn't exactly an exam. It was only a quiz where I had to writte down and mark a cross on which aplications and programs I'm familiar with and how much I'm good at them. The interview with the suppose tutor will be next week on tuesday.
Though that doesn't mean I've entered that school is just a bunch of things we have to do just to end up being accepted, bleh private schools.
Anyway on student part I mostly done as I've mentioned. I'm just starting to make plans for summer and such since heh I had everything planned already and it was indeed going to be a awesome summer but unfortenaly plans changed. So I have a few things to cancel and vacations to plan ahead it still going to rock well I'm planning that way anyway.
And yeah there's a new theme as you already noticed unless your very distracted =P
The last annoyed me somehow so I rushed to make a new one, so yeah it is. Enjoy.

Forever <33

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