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Thursday, July 13, 2006

My Life

|Thursday|13 July 2006|
|Feeling unconfortable|

I should be shooted, yes shooted. For I have been less and less active here, heh.
Actually there was an occasion or two that I felt like posting but for your sake I didn't. So if you shoot me, do it softly.
If its possible to be shoot that way.*giggles*

Well lets see whats been going on on my corner.
Mmmm I'm not sure if I should use Fortenaly or Unfortenaly but yes life has been quite eventfull around here, sometimes not in the nice way but that's life right?

Though I had a good day off, took a long walk with my dad and lil' sister and at the afternoon went to the beach with older brother and sister.
Saddly the day didn't end up that well since I have this huge sunburn over my face, shoulders and back. =P
Buut if you want to have a nice tan you have to burn and suffer a little, that's the price.
At least in my case since I'm all white-ishh and such, I never tan like normal people I burn easily and then tan if the skin don't fell after, there is. Lets hope I make this one stay or else someone will faint with my white-ish skin when August comes. =P

Has it been a hot summer for you? Like really HOT?
Its been here, sometimes I can't stand it but heck I love this season so much I really don't mind all the high humid levels we've been having and it keeps getting higher. Is just a pain when I'm at the restaurant, with the oven working and all those things in the kitchen working makes it so hard to breath sometimes [not even having the air conditioner on high levels helps] I and the other co-workers there get very dizzy sometimes.
So to my boss we're like wasting the electricity and the bottles of water, but blah its too frickin'hot to stand still with this weather and we could die of dehydration so to hell with him.

So just a little advise to well whoever somehow, someday eventually decide to make me a visit be prepared, its really hot here. Little dark heaven I call it now. Hahaha =P

Oh boy, I went way off the original topic I was going to tell you, heh.

So here goes...

Shadow got a [Padawan]!
We have chatted awhile now and she seems a very caring, sweet, funny texas girl.She's my cute light (for now but something tells me its going to change to dark..hehe) padawan so be nice to her alright? =P

The club will have its own space on myotaku soon.

Time for bed now.Take care.

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