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Friday, July 7, 2006

My Life

|Friday|8 July 2006|
|Feeling uneasy, unconfortable|

You know its incredible of how unactive I've been around here these past months. Thinking about it this could be a new record of mine, haha.
But anyway I know, I haven't been very active on your places too, well most of them I do check up on some from time to time. I am sorry. I'll try to come over since I've seen my record and boy I fell...hard. Aw well so long as I have my ol'myo folks around I'm happy.

So as you see new theme up, I'm sorry darlings I know some of you were waiting something cutier then this but I've tried my best the other doesn't want to get along with my plans...yet.
Its not the cutest thing ever still its not that bad either, it should do for now.
And yes before you say its FF:Advent Children screenshots I took myself of Cloud, Cloud is love and you know it. =P
I'm still working on it, I know about the tiny mistake above my content banner, myotaku makes things harder to do, sometimes the coding gets funky here, its a pain. But I'm just too tired and annoyed to fix it so just pretend that tiny mistake its not that.
I should make it short cause I'm hellish tired.Or should I say virus-ish?
Blah...I dunno if it is. I just know my body pleads for more rest, works has been hellish therefore I've been pushing too hard and holy golly look I caught a virus to help and its messing me all inside.Fun, fun!

Yeah thats my life.A fun rollercoaster...
Oh yeah before I forget here's something my cute Jessy did for me since I'm her newly member at her brand new club GOAG. Its yummy stuff.Get Jealous.
Thanks sweetie.

The club will have its own space on myotaku soon.

Time for bed now.Take care.

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