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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Life

Date: Saturday, July 1st 2006

Once again I don't update for quite a few days, I don't know why though. I have quite a few things that happened this week to talk about, but blah I guess I was just lazy to actually do it untill now. =P

So unfortenaly things at work didn't run as smoothly as I hoped for, those two silly girls are somewhat talking now but things still aren't on good terms. Lots of bad karma around. It annoys me.Greatly.
For countless days they've been harassing each other with ironic comments about each other and there was a day when I was all alone with them the entire night shift! [One of the co-workers called sick]
Now imagine my despair when I get at the work and get that news, it was hell.Pure living hell. They fought not physically fighting more like...words, loud voice and such. I avoided at all cost to get involved they, however, thought I should join so they tried to push me to the discussion, I wasn't in the mood for that and god lord what was happening wasn't about me to beguin with. They didn't acted as they should, period. Adults should talk and sort out, not fight like stupid kids. It was, like I already said a very bad day. But I'm glad that happened and they said whatever they wanted to say, kinda.
Ambient's a bit lighter, there's still some hurtfull comments now and then but not much as before.


I have to remind myself to never get like that when I reach my 40's.Its so annoying and childish...


Unfortenaly I think I hurt my back once again, I heard the same crack and felt the same sharp pain a few days ago but heh now instead of only the back hurting, I have my neck and arms hurting, whats hurting the most is my neck and somehow provoking my migraines. Lately I've been using way too much the Voltaren (its kinda like Tylenol but stronger) this medicine lives me painless yet makes me relax.Too much relax.
So before you say anything about this!If things get worse I shall go to a doctor bleh although doctors are scary creatures.But I'll go.Promise.

Rather than that, things are very calm at house heh so it makes me more relaxed and peacefull when I'm there.

And yesh you cute canadians dudes and duddetes Happy Canada day!
You know I *hearts* you canadians. =3

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