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Monday, June 19, 2006

My Life

Date: Monday, June 19 2006
Mood:I see bubbles everywhere!!

[hehe kinda haha...I feel...wierd today so please be carefull =P]

Wah you guys are incredible you know that? Because you are, all those Thank you-add on's I had yesterday was like so much fun for me since I'm language learning freak, so you just made a language geek happy, hahaha.

And for that...

Shie Shie.Obrigado. Thank you. Maururu.Gracias.Arigatu.Komapsumnida.
Ahkun.Gam Ung yeu.

Yeshhhh I have posted again, hehe.Really I'm that thankfull for all your careness towards me. Makes me bubbly inside and teary eyed sometimes dammit!=P
Now if only some of you had somekind of powers or spells that could take my back pain away....


[Ah I'm alright though don't worry]

So I should talk about my day yesterday ne?Meh but I still feel lazy today =P but since I told you I would tell you, I will....just in a very short way. [Curse me at will for I deserve it xD]
So basically and shortelly what I've done was:

- Got crushed on our car while getting to the desire place [imagine sardins in a can?Did you imagined that?Yeah we pretty much was like that and since I was the shortest one, I was the most crushed one]

- We did a break, I almost couldn't feel my legs almost crawled towards this cafe bar[Siblings had a good laugh to my silly attempt to reach it].

- Half an hour later got on the car. Sometime before we arrived the weather was pretty sucky, it was very cloudy and rain was pouring us though I had a blast on the marina watching for God knows how long the fishes on the coast with my younger sister, mom and dad.

- Saw this big boat coming to shore had to get close and ask many many questions to the fishermen [poor guys] who brought this tiny blue fishes on small tanks [its for bait I was so sad they had to kill them after].

-Made plans and ask for information about something to this cute tourist that hopefully will come here very soon. I hope what I've found and planed with supposed company make the tourist blowned away.

-Took pictures of random boats and the marina [just to amuse myself and possibly others]

-Took pictures of these random villagers AND tourist azian people. [Me *hearts* Asians]

-Then went to the beach and ate an ice cream along with sister and mom while chatting about vacation plans and the suppose tourist that'll come soon. Had quite an amuzing time.

-Later after, the brothers and dad joined us, a few time after that went to the beach and took zillion pictures with sister.

- Walked with her over the water and both of us end up getting soaked due to a wave and then due to trowing water to each other.

- A few chats and hours later [when both our clothes were dried] went home.And worked on my layout.

That was my day off!I had such an enjoyable day and today which is also another day off was fun as well maybe not as fun as yesterday but definitely fun indeed. Remember the "Chinatown" Street?Yeeep went there again and had this amazing and I mean AMAZING cappucino after in this new restaurant that opened recently. I sooo wanna go there again. =3

Weeeeelll that's about it from me today. Have a good day/night.

....and it seems there's newbies after all...hehe.

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