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Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Thoughts

Date: Sunday, June 18 2006

I had such a great day off, did so many fun things that I just can't remember all the crazy things I've done.
Oh my sister took pictures of me.A lot of them. It was so much fun! Some of them I look pretty good who would of thought I'd look good on pictures? =P


I could tell what I've done today but meh I feel lazy bessiiiides my arms and back hurts urgh so I'll tell you tomorrow, alright?
Look forward for it. *winks*

Oh yeah I've been working on this layout for like hmmmm all afternoon?Hahaha I know it still needs to be worked on but gosh doesn't this look peacefull for you?It does for me, heh poor Lenne though she looks sad on there though very beautifull. And yes this was inspired by a song AND amv this person showed me a few days ago.
The song is still stuck on my head and everytime I sing it (for my own amusement) I remember the dance [and sometimes dance with the broom haha]. Its a good video though, so no regreats on that.
So I can say this new look I have up is dedicated to that person and my girls and this two other boys who have consistently and gently been watching my back from some annoying people.

Shie Shie.Obrigado. Thank you. Maururu.Gracias.Arigatu.Komapsumnida.
Ahkun.Gam Ung yeu.

I love you all till my endless days.I hope you know that. Lets drink a milkshake to celebrate?I pay. =P

Well enjoy the new look I am now heading to msn to chat and ermmm ask for some massages?

Ps: I've lost count of how many days I have that "looking for a newbie" announcemnt up yet not one replied. Where did the newbies went to?

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