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Monday, June 12, 2006


Date: Monday, June 12 2006

Is it really true that I'm updating two days in a roll?Because somehow its seems unreal to me =P

So anyway I'm not sure why I'm posting today actually heh I just felt like doing because you know I'm all forward for the rush feelings/moments hehe...guess I should use this more wisely and put something interesting on it, heh.

Hmmmm...lets see I've woke a couple hours and I feel this incredible burst of energy inside me, like I wanna run/jump....hug people while shouting silly stuff?
Its not like I'm feeling extremely happy I just feel very hyper and hmmmm....wanna shout something silly over my window....?



I'm sane don't look at me like I'm not. I think its due to my recently addiction to this cereals we've been buying lately that has like a very good and I mean VERY good percentage of chocolate in it [chocolate makes me hypper if you don't know], hmmm not a bad thing actually this hypper will definitely help me on work tonight *sigh* another graveyard shift, bleh.

Hmmmmm...you know I've also noticed I've been "hmmm" saying everytime I talk ever since I woke up.Awkward.

Ohh yeah I remember why I'm posting!Posting today had a meaning after all, heh. Oh boy I think my hypperness is messing with my brain, darn those addictive crunchy cereals...

So I went to Shanny's site and she had this idea of being a "master" to myo newbies, somehow like a mentor or guide to them. She picked one already and you know it seems interesting and you know what?I'm going to try out.
If your new and want someone to guide you around help you with your site layout changing and just want someone to be your cool bodyguard, I'm available. *winks*

So whoever is interested pm with this filled up:

Your name:
Gender [I know its wierd but I need to know just for statistics manner =P]:
Why you want me to be your "master":

I'll let you know whom I picked in a few days.Good luck =P

aaand teh old myotaku buds...I'm moistering an idea of doing our own "otakuoldies" club ;P


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