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Sunday, June 11, 2006


Date: Sunday, June 11 2006
Mood:Feeling Sane once again

I'm somehow sane once again, well sane as it possible for me to be =P
Forgive me for the last post being so...depressed, gloomy and...selfpityfull. I know I should have never said that I'm worthless but you know things have gotten on a way that I just couldn't take anymore. Stressfull work/signing up for courses, family loses, family problems after, people who I thought wasn't a part of my life abruptly came back and want to be part of it once again by forcing me to accept it the painfull pain on my back all the time and that thing that I refered so much in my last post... it was indeed a very hard time.
Knowing that someone had betrayed me was the last drop I could take I think, so I went to an insane selfpity mood, its embarassing for me to admit it but its true and what kinda makes me feel bad is I've dragged you all into it, which wasn't nice of my part.
Heh its kinda all my fault since I needed help for quite awhile but refused to let people know about it ironycally I ended up asking for help in the end didn't I?
So please forgive me for that.

Things are lighter now though, like I said I've regained my sane mind once again, (the pain on my back still remains though) rested up yesterday since it was day off [not exactly I was out with parents almost all day =P] and of course your comments did a huge help to bring the floor to my feet once again.

Even though I need a tid bit more time to heal up completely, I pretty much can say ol'Shadow's back in town.


Thank you.

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