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Sunday, June 4, 2006


Date: Sunday, June 3rd 2006
Mood:Gloomy...with back pain

Yesterday while I was carrying the garbage out on my job I hurted my back, I heard this huge crack and then a sharp pain came through, it was so painfull that I suddenly let go the garbage and just wanted to yell...but meh I couldn't after all if I did it would scare everyone there (and considering that there's a pregnant woman there it wouldn't be wised to do so), though some tears rolled but I still had to carry the garbage and so I did, I carried it outside and trew it away. My back is killing me since then, I can't stand for too long, I can't lay down decently I can't bend down very well, meh overall it hurts in every position I get...
I should take some painkillers but you know I take way too many of them for my headackes (some of them already make no effect on me), I'm just glad my auntie gives me this Tylenol ones that are really strong (one of her relatives mail it to her from Canada), I guess if things get worse on job today I'll take some.
Ah I know I also should consider going to a doctor and check it out, but he/she most likely will tell me that what I need is rest and maybe not carry anything heavy for a few days?
Though I just can't like get on the job thing and say I can't carry the garbage out just because I stupidly carry it the wrong way. Besides just two of us can actually carry it out, after all pregnant women can't. So you know to hell with it. I'll just endure it, its just for 3 more months than I'm free once again.

Shannylove I hope I catch you on soon, I need one of your pamperings and it seems you need some as well.

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