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Monday, May 29, 2006


Date: Monday 29, May 2006

Fear the evil pup I say!First thank you for the well wishes, I had that headacke all day long on my day off but refused to waste it by going to bed and rest, heh I did end up going to bed after I got from the cinema....

On the day before my day off I've told my mom to wake me up early, of course she was surprise by that since I always sleep in on those days hehe, little she known what was I planning to do.
So she woke me up as I ask her too, I did my usual thing that most people do, take a shower brush the teeth, check myotaku while drinking latte [insert silly giggle here] =P and then off we head along with my sister to the city. [boys weren't allowed to tag along =P]
They were both quite curious to know where we were heading since I haven't told them anything, but then when they noticed the streets they finally figured where we were heading...to our all time favourite place....TEH Asian Side![We have this street full with asian stores restaurants its like a small version of ChinaTown?Yeah something like that though very small version compared to it heh.AAnd thats how me and my mom call that street].
There's no need to say the two of them got way excited with this lil' surprise, since I told them we were going to have some breakfast and shop all we want there.We end up drinking some tea and this cute muffin types things and boy if they were delicious (the boy who served us wasn't bad either hehe), and well yeah putting this short it was such a great time we've laughed talked, my mom looked like a lil'child, she even said "Arigatu" everytime we bought something and of course bowed after, it was hillarious every single time she did that.

[Aside note:I'm very happy with the fact my mom is trying harder to understand my asian obession, she actually told me after that maybe just maybe she has some Asian-blood in herself as well, not to say the fact that she let me know all the gorgeous asian boys she would find while we walk hehe. One thing made me giggle so hard when she told she wouldn't mind at all me having an asian boyfriend, haha]

Hehe mom's are really cute things don't you agree? =3

Aaand there's where I bought my guitar, too.It was very cheap there and heck it was made by Asian people and brought by Asian people itself I had to buy it nonetheless. It plays smoothly.
I wish its owner could play it smoothly as well, hahaha. I suck so bad. Its so hard.

When we head home brother suggested about going to the movies right in the moment I was signing on on msn, heh burns.... I had to apologise to every single poor friend who started to pop up to chat, had to tell them I wasn't going to be on for a couple of hours but would definitely be back after.... ended nothing getting on after, booo for me I know.

I thought brother was going to pay for tickets but in the end he gave me an excuse [very lame excuse btw brother!] that he couldn't pay, I ended up paying it, not that I minded.
Anyway "The Da Vinci Code" its quite a piece of movie I might add, I adored every single bit of it. I haven't read the entire book yet just half so from the half I've read it was exactly the same nonetheless....hmmm I don't know why but for me I thought Langdon was more younger buuut it was Tom Hanks heck he was good!Like always he has been =P
I must say I was quite surprised with the ending I won't spoil it for you. All in all I loved it alot, will definitely buy the DvD when it comes out.
I highly suggest you to watch, its worth the money and time![the movie last for 4 hours counting with a break] even if your Christian and stuff, it won't due you any harm, if you do believe on your convictions a simple movie won't changed that much your mind don't you agree?So don't private yourself of a very enjoyable and worth watching movie.

After that good day off, life has gotten on a hectic-lazyness-enjoyable-notenjoyable thing heh, as always weekend at work was very stressfull but oh well I'm getting used to it.
If only my day off wasn't so far away I wouldn't mind having some rest now, bleh.

On another note I might chance my layout once again soon, I'm getting pretty annoyed of this one for some odd reason heh must be the pink-ish kinda looks, but ya know I'm having problems with my next layout not with the codes this time (since I pretty much figured how this whole thing works), also not with the background (since I already made a bunch of them) but with the top picture...darnit I need inspiration somehow and of course time to actually try it out heh, so yeah if the site gets a bit funky on the upcoming days, now you know why.
Anyway I hope your having a good summer (for those who just finished school) and a good week at school/work ahead of you.

Oh yeah I'll probably be less active here when next month comes(though I'll keep going to msn after work), I'll try to pop out now and then so I'm sorry for that alright?

See you on the flip'side [haha I've been saying this way too many times for my own good xD]

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