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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Date:Tuesday 23, 2006
Mood:Annoyed but overall in a very crazy state.
Fear the evil pup I say!I haven't been around much haven't I?No more pampering for me, I say for I have been a bad girl.
Its been quite hectic days, this weekend and yesterday was definitely the worst, the restaurant was packed every hour, too much people to give attention too, unfortenaly I couldn't give the same attention I usually give to tourist people [which usually their the nicest and gives you more tips ones by the way], its a shame, I always have some fun chatting and learn quite a few things with them [like how to say thank you in various languages], aw well.
I forgot to tell you this on my last update one Finland tourist on my birthday [without knowing it was my birthday] gave me a finland 1cent coin, its so shinny and has a hole in the middle, man that was definitely a cool gift, though the people I work with said they prefered a real tip, ah he invited me to go to Finland since he came to mine and said I was one of the nicest and THE only person whom he've spoken too so well in english, okay maybe he exaggerated a bit, I'm not the nicest or even the only person who speak so well in english but he sure was a very nice old man, I wanna go to Finland now!Because Finland people are just so nice, just like asian people as well!! Gawd I have seen/chatted AND made friends with so many asian male gooddness its not even funny, hahaha. Seriously I'm getting my avid asian male crazyness back again, because everywhere we look now it has a sexy asian boy on every corner, I swear! This is a good and bad thing, the good is that I know have on every corner a nice place to let my eyes on aaand the bad is I have the urge to get one for myself, haha.
Aaaand last night someone just made it even worse by showing me, more vids of sexy azn and I finally known someone who is very dear to me was asian as well....god lord whats wrong with people lately?Do they want me to get crazy with all of this? 'Cause it seems that way, hehe.

Anyway the sad part of my week was that this week we had our religious festivites (its to venerate an image which is very dear to us, a long time ago when we had this huge earthquakes we prayed for this image to stop the earth from trembling and so it happened, so we venerate it, its called "Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres" which in english is "Lord Saint Christ of Miracles").
Most of you who I speak with since I first put my feet here knows about it, since I wrotte about it every single year [this is the third time], so to avoid being annoying I won't say much about it this year. I practically have the same friends as last year with a few exceptions so you know what festivities I'm talking about, their quite beautifull ones and I'm not bragging they really are, being religious or not you would have a blast at it, especially if you were with me, haha I make all festivities even more enjoyable =P but yes its quite a sight I tell you.

However if you don't remember about it, don't worry, just tell me if you want to know more and I writte a very short post about it, because you know I love to ramble about my island, its one piece of heaven for tourist I've heard...now if only living here wasn't so hard it'd be heaven for us as well....

But anyway, the best days and my favourite ones of this festivities was this weekend and where was I?Closed on a small place packed with people with a very silly uniform, meh, I got annoyed then mad aaaand finally a tid bit sad because I have never lost one day, but I lost all of it this year, heh I did went there for a bit after work but I didn't enjoyed it as much, I was so exhausted from work, I barely could stand on my feet, so after awhile I went home and just trew myself to bed falling asleep immediatly.

Aw well I always have next year, I'm cool about it now though.But meh I had to get annoyed today as well, remember about the course I told you about it on my previous post?Well guess what, mom called and they told her that course isn't available this year, then why the heck they told my mom in the first time she called about what courses they had about it?This makes me sad, I was really looking forward to it.
But they have others courses I might join, though the signing up thing hasn't started yet like most of the schools I'm going to sign up as well, ah and I was stressing all over about it.

Botões your package its on its way, once again I'm truly sorry for mailling it so late, I so hope it gets safe and sound in your hands, I wish it was on your hands already but meh you know I just didn't had time, sorry.

If your reading this Congratiolations!!
I hope you have a blast tomorrow, and remember I'll be cheering you!If you can just try to get on today =P

Alright this got way to long for what I predicted heh, my bad sorry. I hope your all having a good week, mine's going very smoothly compared to last week [except monday bleh], I just want thursday to come because its my day off, haha.

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