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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Thursday, April 6, 2006

So here I am with a cup of coffee in one hand, typing this with the other, while some myotaku-er music plays on the background aand its only 3 pm, yep today's my day off and I spent it most of the day sleeping in.
It wasn't so bad in fact after sleeping more then 14 hours I still feel pretty tired eh, but anyway today's my day and I came on after some cleaning and chatting with someone who lives besides me [if you looked at a map there is], haha.
I know I've been popping now and then and updating about random stuff and I haven't told you anything that is happening or happened around my corner of the world for a long time now, haven't I?

Gosh boys and girls there's so many things that I could talk about yet at the same time I don't think there's anything worth to really share with you. Its not like things are going on a uneventfull way, it has been quite an adventure, ups and downs, laughs and sadness too, its been quite a rollercoast of emotions lately but you know what? All that belong to the pass so no need to talk about it anyway, right?

Besides today when I came here I was presented with wonderfull news from a dear bishie of mine finally life is going in the right way, and boy does he looks so happy now, knowing that makes me feel really happy for this person, truly, trully happy. ^___^

Talking about on a more healthy manner, the swallowings and infections are finally over, I've been infection-free for a couple of days now so I'm glad also relieved with that, I can finally drink my green tea but I haven't ate my ice-cream yet, because we don't have any, I've been craving for some lately its been over 3 months since I last tasted some of it, and that makes Shadow sad. I've also been able to read everyone last posts I've lost quite a few it seems.Knowing how everyone's doing makes my mind on ease, I've also catched up some people on in msn as well, that makes me happy as well.
[Vicksta love, I can't wait to read more of your awesome story tonight, its gonna kick some ass I bet!^_~].
Unfortenaly it seems I won't be able to catch some people I was so looking forward to talk to, its been like 2 months and half we haven't chatted? I miss our chats and your funny adorable person as well "you know who you are" person, aw well sometime soon, sometime soon. Just don't you end up forgetting about this corner of the world though, or I'll kick you *laughs*
Do your best on what you have to do!^_~d

*scrolls up*...Ahh lord, I just noticed I've been babling random stuff, haha sorry about that =P Its okay if you don't read this, I won't get mad if you don't eh, and if you do end up reading this thank you so much for still sticking with it and reading this very crappy babbling, me loves you for that! <3

Have a great day/night.

Rabid Fangirl Pose

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