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Sunday, April 2, 2006

Sunday, April 2nd 2006

Hey everyone. I guess I can come here more times than I thought I could heh, anyway so yesterday was pranks day I was going to prank you all, but then well let's just say I feel for you guys =P, mainly because it was a very naughty prank and to make it work, it required time to sent pm's to everyone to make it more "credible" as well.


So since I was so tired and it requested to much time to actually make it work, and of course I'm not a mean person when I wanna be *cough* lie *cough*, I didn't do it, so you should feel relieved and sAfE too. XP

....and for who pranked me yesterday/today, shame on you, SHAME on you...I fell absolutely, and it makes feel silly.... pshhh...


Have a great day/night. <3

Rabid Fangirl Pose

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